June 13, 2022

More engaging ad assets with Yahoo Exchange Creative Service

Yahoo has a comprehensive programmatic ecosystem that ranges from demand-side platforms (DSPs) and Exchange, to supply-side platforms (SSPs).

Yahoo has a comprehensive programmatic ecosystem that ranges from demand-side platforms (DSPs) and Exchange, to supply-side platforms (SSPs). Exchange, in particular, can be a valuable tool for matching advertisers and publishers, providing the best solution for advertisers or agencies that need to drive traffic to their website, regardless of their chosen DSP.

Yahoo Exchange PMP One-Stop Solution: Three Advantages to Meet Your Needs

Yahoo Exchange not only provides a wide range of traffic sources, but also collaborates with multiple data verification vendors to guarantee high-quality traffic, protecting the brands of clients and preventing fraudulent traffic. In addition to buying traffic on Yahoo Exchange through open auctions, you can also use the private marketplace (PMP) in combination with Yahoo's data to get traffic and reach audience segments simultaneously. It enables one-stop service for advertisers and agencies, providing secure, premium traffic with multiple placements and smart data application. It also saves you the hassle of choosing settings for your DSP. Together with the latest Creative Service, it adds more engaging, interactive and imaginative effects to native ad assets, taking ad effectiveness to a whole new level.

Yahoo PMP Inventory Solution

Video Lite Creative Service: Extraordinarily Engaging

Currently, Yahoo Exchange offers the Video Lite and Express Creative features for both video and display creatives. Yahoo's Video Lite was launched at the end of 2021 and allows access to two formats: Endcard and Frame. Endcard add the brand's key visual, title, text ad copy, and a CTA button to the end of a 15-second clip. Frames are geared towards 30-second videos, where the key visual, title, text ad copy, and CTA button of the brand appear in the borders towards the end of the video, prompting consumers to focus on the important information.


Foodpanda and Samsung have been the first to adopt Video Lite in their brand campaigns to achieve better results through richer video content. Not only does this help catch consumers' attention, but it also allows them to place orders or make appointments with just one click right after watching the video, making video ads extraordinarily engaging.

Express Creative's Display Ad Service Enhances Interaction and Ad Assets

Express Banner 1

Express Creative's Display Ad Service supports 3 types of formats: video, carousel, and static image

Express Creative launched its latest Display Ad Service in March this year. It takes banner ads (usually only presented in a static format) and presents them in a more imaginative and diversified way—with images on one side and the key visual, title, text ad copy, and CTA button of the brand on the other. Whether through videos, text and image carousels, or even single static images, there is a suitable presentation style that boosts the ad's storytelling, captivating consumers and improving interactions as soon as it gets noticed. For video content, it can also be used to increase the display ad traffic and improve exposure.

Express Creative 2

Express Creative's Display Ad Service supports 3 formats

Regardless of which DSP you use, Yahoo's Exchange PMP is a one-stop solution for advertisers and agencies to obtain all the premium inventory they need, and simultaneously takes care of smart data application and brand protection to minimize hassle. More importantly, as video and display creatives become quickly outdated in the eyes of consumers, the Creative Service provided by Yahoo's Exchange PMP can enrich ad assets and diversify presentation styles. It can help to create new and refreshing experiences that spark consumers' curiosity and make them more willing to pay attention, linger, and even click and interact to move on to the next action, thus greatly enhancing ad performance.

For more information on Yahoo's Exchange PMP Creative Service, please contact your Yahoo sales representative.

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