April 1, 2022

Notice: Saying goodbye to the Video SSP and Exchange

Verizon Media Video SSP and Exchange sunsets – video supply has moved to Yahoo SSP and Exchange, an omnichannel platform for publishers and buyers.

Buyers, publishers, family and friends. We are gathered here today to say goodbye to an old friend. A good friend. A trusted friend.  

As of Friday, March 25, the Verizon Media Video SSP and Exchange is no more.

All our video supply has been successfully moved to the Yahoo SSP and Exchange, making it a single, truly omnichannel platform for publishers and buyers. As we celebrate the end of consolidation, it’s only appropriate we take a moment to reflect on a past well-lived.

The Verizon Media Video SSP and Exchange had roots dating back to 2006 with the founding of Adap.TV and the BrightRoll Exchange, two young companies that saw the promise of programmatic video advertising. Their paths to growth followed similar tracks, culminating with AOL acquiring Adap.TV in 2013, and Yahoo buying BrightRoll in 2014.

In ad tech, as In life, the only constant is change. Verizon acquired and combined the various ad tech assets of AOL and Yahoo in 2017. A year later, and just twelve years after the founding of Adap.TV and BrightRoll, we consolidated the two video platforms, and changed its name to Verizon Media Video SSP and Exchange, a home for our O&O and premium third-party video supply.

It’s said that the truest form of wealth is friendship. The coming together of AOL and Yahoo proves this maxim. It resulted in a display and mobile supply platform: the Yahoo SSP and Exchange, which itself was a consolidation of multiple SSPs, including Nexage, Millennial Media, and what was once called Right Media Exchange (and later renamed to the BrightRoll Exchange for Display).

Consolidations are milestones in a business's life. Much thought and debate went into every one of ours. Each platform had its strengths and quirks. Before any change, we undertook a deep and honest comparison of features and functionality across each exchange to see which platform should serve as the foundation for the final product. Research, testing and planning helped us determine how to take the best parts and features of each and incorporate them to create the platform we’re celebrating today. This work continued over the past few years, as we consolidated our several platforms one by one until two remained – the SSP and Exchange and the Video SSP and Exchange.

While we’re saddened to say our final farewell to Adap.TV and BrightRoll and the era of consolidation, we can all take comfort in saying hello to a single SSP and Exchange.

For our supply partners, say hello to the Yahoo SSP. This single platform helps you manage your supply and optimize your revenue, whether you’re a display, in-app, video, or digital-out-of-home publisher.

For buyers, this change dramatically simplifies the buying experience. Instead of setting-up distinct campaigns and targeting based on ad formats, you can find comfort in knowing that all of our deals and supply are available on the Yahoo Exchange.

We’ll leave you today with some final thoughts about what the future holds for every one of us. Having all of our supply on a single SSP and exchange doesn’t just simplify the publisher and buying experience – it makes everything easier. One login for our users. Centralized reporting. Quicker troubleshooting and issue resolution. Most importantly, it frees up our product and engineering resources and enables us to focus more on delivering new, innovative features.

Thank you for joining us today to say our farewell. Thank you to everyone who’s been with us along this wild ride. We’re excited about the future and can’t wait to work with you to keep building something better. We know it’s what the Video SSP and Exchange would have wanted.

Transitions can feel overwhelming. If you have any questions about the Yahoo SSP and Exchange, or just want to talk, please connect with us.

Yahoo SSP and Exchange Timeline

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