May 27, 2022

Tap into valuable insights with our new Publisher Insights Dashboard

Announcing our Publisher Insights Dashboard (PID), a privacy-centric reporting tool that helps you make smarter monetization decisions by providing a holistic view of audiences.

Like it or not, the deprecation of cookies is on its way. Savvy publishers aren’t waiting for the inevitable; they’re actively seeking new ways to get to know and monetize their audiences. And with 60% of advertisers saying a publisher’s first-party data, targeting capabilities and ability to target at the user level with consent are most important, simply owning data is no longer enough to stay competitive.1 We’re here to help.

See more, know more

Announcing our Publisher Insights Dashboard (PID), a privacy-centric reporting tool that helps you make smarter monetization decisions by providing a holistic view of audiences. You get our proprietary, first-party audience behavior insights from consented users from our global portfolio of owned and operated media properties. Plus, this information can be cross-referenced with your internal data to further narrow down your audience search. PID is available via SSP for global publishers integrated with Yahoo ConnectID.

Monetizing insights

You can explore, discover and monetize this wealth of consent-driven data by providing your high-value audiences to advertisers looking to target specific consumers. For example, a publisher could provide its “DIYers” category to a home improvement advertiser. We’re currently working on even more ways to simplify access to understanding audience affinities, such as integrating turnkey deals based on audiences.

Publishers with access to deep audience insights across key categories and dimensions have a distinct competitive advantage. They broaden their reach, demonstrate campaign performance and offer buyers value-added insights leading to additional revenue opportunities and renewals. This kickstarts a positive cycle of insights that help publishers monetize more effectively while also unlocking access to top audiences for advertisers.

The data advantage

Though publishers may be able to harness their first-party data, they currently lack a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their audiences. Behavioral data across devices and locations is fragmented, and gaps can lead to misleading analyses and weak strategies. With PID, publishers can leverage our consented user data to enrich their understanding of their audiences. Best of all, PID doesn’t track any personal identifiable information (PII), and governance and security controls with the dashboard ensure the data stays within our ecosystem. Yahoo ConnectID has over 500 million globally mapped user profiles based on direct, content-driven relationships.2 And because all the data is seamlessly available through SSP integration through Yahoo ConnectID, there’s no need to go through a separate platform.

Looking ahead

The next phase of PID is already underway, as we work on developing product enhancements based on feedback from our U.S.-based publishers. Our roadmap includes geographic expansion, new ways to make insights even more actionable and intuitive features to support the most comprehensive dashboard in the market.

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1 Advertiser Perceptions, Omnibus, September 2021.

2 Yahoo, Internal data, Global, 2021.

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