February 9, 2022

Yahoo's Native in-feed solutions are at the service of A2a Energia and generate + 32% traffic to the utility's website

Yahoo Native was chosen as a communication solution by A2A Energia, the commercial company of the A2A Group focused on the sale of electricity and gas.

In-depth data, premium content safe for brands and advanced technologies to build engaging advertising campaigns capable of generating concrete results: this is the Yahoo Native solution, chosen by A2A Energia, the commercial company of the A2A Group focused on the sale of electricity and gas to large industrial customers, SMEs, condominiums and domestic customers.

The relationship between Yahoo Italia and A2A Energia, which began in 2021 has made it possible to develop, on the national territory, in collaboration with the media center PHD Media Italy, a campaign of Native Standard recurring aimed at an audience of young people (25+) and perfected by targeted regional geo-targeting solutions.

Native Yahoo: the effectiveness of the format and the results

A2A Energia's offering today goes far beyond electricity and gas. In the world of A2A Energia, there are proposals for a safer home, to equip oneself with air purification systems or LED lighting kits, to embrace e-mobility. All these opportunities are presented in detail on the a2aenergia.eu website, the portal that the company aims to make familiar to an increasingly large group of consumers. And this is the goal that A2A Energia is achieving with the Yahoo Native campaign which to date has allowed it to generate + 32% of qualified traffic on the customer's site.

The native format to achieve audience goals

Yahoo's Native solution is developed to allow you to reach new contacts and establish new valuable relationships. In particular, Yahoo's Native In-Feed Content solutions help generate new traffic to websites or other digital destinations, promote apps, raise awareness of your brand or increase online sales. All easily and perfectly integrated in premium and brand safe environments of the Yahoo ecosystem which includes international sites such as TechCrunch, Engadget, Makers and all Yahoo properties such as Mail, News, Sport, Lifestyle, Finance.

“The collaboration between A2A and PHD Media Italia / Yahoo has set itself the objective of expanding the awareness and consideration of the brand. One of the main objectives was to position the brand in new territories, generating a consideration process towards different demo socio audiences. The activity carried out on an ongoing basis has made it possible to increase the generation of qualified traffic and pro-conversion contacts in the home ", comments Corrado Mizzoni, Head of Digital Marketing A2A Energia SpA

"Digital and technology come to our rescue with solutions capable of intercepting users effectively. And this is exactly the goal of Yahoo's Native proposal, which provides cross-platform tools capable of generating incremental traffic for sites and applications. and at the same time contribute to increasing the brand awareness of a brand, with the guarantee of a network of premium publishers and a qualified and profiled audience, " underlines Corrado Massaro, Country Director Yahoo Italy.

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