The Bed that Broke the Internet

How We Did It

Re-engaged Purple site visitors

With relevant products through seamless native formats

Drove revenue

Achieving ROAS goals

Expanded retargeting

With dynamic product ads

The [Yahoo] ads team was there to support us along the way. We were able to give them just a few assets which they turned into the finished ads. That saved us a lot of bandwidth internally.

Rob Towne, Director of Performance Marketing at Purple


The Purple story

About five years ago, a rocket scientist and his brother decided to rethink the bed-buying experience. What if you could not only buy your bed online but get a better night’s sleep, too? The brothers launched Purple in a small office just south of Salt Lake City and developed Purple Grid, the next revolution in bed materials that fixes every drawback introduced by hot, non-responsive, memory foam.


Funnel focused

Purple’s business has seen healthy growth as a trusted, quality leader in the comfort tech space, disrupting the largest premium brands - both online and traditional retail - in the US. Purple’s digital marketing strategy engages consumers at the top of the funnel and moves them down sequentially, with a keen focus on revenue and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). The brand partnered with Yahoo across a multitude of formats, including display, native, video, and audio - to ensure Purple’s brand was capturing consumers at every stage of the funnel.


Beating the benchmark

More recently, Purple is reimagining its brand to resonate with female household decision-makers, and relies on Yahoo to provide effective solutions that inspire, inform and drive their bottom line. Overall program results across display, video and native ad formats yielded ROAS 70% above Purple’s target benchmark.

We’re reaching people in novel and exciting ways so they don’t just look at it as another advertisement that they can scroll past immediately.

Rob Towne, Director of Performance Marketing at Purple


Proprietary targeting solutions

With predictive segments, e-receipt targeting and search targeting

Full-funnel solutions

Moving consumers from inspiration to action

Unique ad formats

Including video, display, audio, and native dynamic product ads

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