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Email. Search. Real-time media. Yahoo didn't just pioneer the web we know today – we humanized it.
And tech needs humanity now more than ever.


Yahoo was founded by Stanford university engineering students, Jerry Yang and David Filo.

We've been at the forefront of the internet connecting people to their passions. Find out Why Yahoo is the partner of choice to thousands of global brands.


The Yahoo.com domain is officially registered. The name Yahoo! is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”

Check out The Oracle to find out the latest and greatest from Yahoo Advertising.

Yahoo homepage in 1995.


Yahoo Mail blasted off when we acquired RocketMail. We now handle over 25 billion emails a day.

Today we’re using 500B daily data signals from mail, search, content and more to power performance for Yahoo DSP advertisers.


Yahoo broke the world record for largest simultaneous yodel. We did it again in 2015!

Join us in our journey to help humanize the internet and connect people to their passions.
Yahoo intellectual property soars, with the award of our 1,000th patent.

We’ve always been inventors and idea-makers. Today our researchers and technologists work in AI, machine learning and more to build the products you love.
Yahoo launches the industry’s first Neurodiversity Employee Resource group.

We have over 15 ERGs and are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through learning, listening and acting for equality and social justice.
AOL and Yahoo come together to create a powerful portfolio of media and technology brands.

We’re all about connecting people to more of what they love through brands they trust.
Yahoo and Marriott create a first-of-its-kind travel media network.

We can seriously extend your scale. Put our relationships to work for your business with our exclusive supply partnerships.

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