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Solutions for growth in a changing world

Unlock an integrated approach to identity with ID-based and ID-less solutions for a cookieless world, and beyond.

A complementary approach to identity

Yahoo Identity Solutions take a privacy-centric, integrated approach to help advertisers future-proof their business in the identity-constrained world. They consist of two components: Yahoo ConnectID, for addressable environemnts and Next-Gen Solutions an AI technology for non-addressable environments. Our solutions work together to maximize campaign's potential across digital environments.

Key Differentiators

1-to-1 relationships

A loyal user-base of consenting, authenticated users across Yahoo media properties and partners powers Yahoo Identity Solutions.


We play nice with others too. We are interoperable with 30+ major CDPs/DMPs for seamless targeting and measurement in the Yahoo DSP.

Privacy first

Consumer choice and privacy is at the core of what we do.

Are you prepared for an identity-constrained future?

The digital landscape is changing to increase consumer privacy and data control. The good news? What’s good for consumers is good for advertisers.

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Collaboration with industry partners

We collaboartae with industry bodies such as IAB Tech Lab to provide Yahoo DSP advertisers with a combination of solutions for the identity-consrained world. Additionally we’re testing Privacy Sandbox, close communication with UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

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