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Drive incremental traffic and sales

Reach shoppers with targeted, omnichannel ad experiences throughout the path to purchase. Understand how campaigns influence online and offline purchases in near-real time with Yahoo In-Flight Sales Analysis.

Powering the full campaign flywheel

Target existing and new customers outside of

Find and build high-impact audiences based on Lowe’s and Yahoo proprietary signals.

Deliver omnichannel activity at scale: Advanced TV, Mobile, In-app, Native Ads, Audio and DOOH.

Maximize traffic and conversion, and understand GROAS (gross return on ad spend) to optimize campaigns in-flight.

Yahoo Ad Tech logo connected by two circles to the Lowe's One Roof Media Network logo

Unlock the value of two advertising powerhouses

Tap into a footprint of 70M unique monthly Lowe’s shoppers¹ and 167M Yahoo logged-in users², with exclusive access to Lowe’s first-party signals to power your campaigns.

¹ Lowe’s One Roof Media Network, Internal data, US only, 2021.  
² Yahoo, Internal data, US only, Sep 2022.

Relevance through insight

Yahoo reaches millions of consumers across key categories and demographics.


Yahoo logged in users1

1. Yahoo, Internal data (US only), Sep 2022.


Are Homeowners2

2. Yahoo, Monthly audience reach figures, internal data, 2022.


Are interested in Home Improvement2

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