October 17, 2022

Announcing our expanded partnership with DIRECTV Advertising: Unlocking new value for CTV buyers

We’re excited to build on our strong ATV partnership with DIRECTV Advertising to now include access to DIRECTV’s set-top box data, unlocking new value for CTV buyers.

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Today’s fragmented TV landscape has made it increasingly challenging for people to find shows they love. And for buyers to make smart advertising decisions that connect their brands with viewers. We’re excited to build on our strong advanced TV (ATV) partnership with DIRECTV Advertising to now include access to DIRECTV’s set-top box (STB) data, unlocking new value for connected TV (CTV) buyers. With this expanded partnership, our demand-side platform (DSP) customers can now activate TV usage data from millions of DIRECTV households to optimize the planning, activation and measurement of digital campaigns across DIRECTV and non-DIRECTV inventory. 

Yahoo is currently the only omnichannel DSP with access to DIRECTV Advertising’s STB data; one of the largest sources of pure linear viewership data. With this partnership, we now offer greater insight into the linear baseline, which Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) can complement with additional viewership samples across different STB and connected TV (CTV) providers. Put simply, you get highly accurate data that helps you make better connections with TV lovers. 

This integration with DIRECTV Advertising reinforces our commitment to providing best-in-class ATV advertising for clients and partners. Get access to live linear viewership data and unique, valuable CTV viewership data directly from CTV providers and publishers, as well as ACR data from providers like Inscape, which captures any content that “hits the glass.” The data builds upon our consented, first-party data from direct relationships with our users in a privacy-first manner.

“The addition of DIRECTV’s set-top box linear viewership data adds another diverse, unique data source, enhancing client campaigns across the digital landscape,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. “We have built a multi-sourced data backbone for our advanced TV suite aligned to industry best practices that empower marketers with the ability to plan and activate more efficiently than ever across linear and connected TV inventory.”

This announcement comes on the heels of our DSP’s recent integration with DIRECTV Advertising making Yahoo the exclusive omnichannel DSP with access to DIRECTV Advertising’s linear addressable inventory. We remain the only omnichannel DSP to programmatically offer live, addressable TV inventory – enabling advertisers to tap into a footprint of 25 million households across DIRECTV, DISH Media and Fios. 

DIRECTV Advertising has also joined our supply-side platform (SSP), making its streaming inventory available to premium demand across the Yahoo Exchange.

The TV landscape may be fragmented, but your strategy for reaching audiences doesn’t have to be. Connect with them like never before with planning and measurement data available only here. Now that you can find the DIRECTV viewers you want to connect with, all that’s left for you to do today is figure out what you want to watch.

To learn more about our partnership with DIRECTV Advertising or to build your ATV strategy, contact us today.

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