January 18, 2022

Bolster your programmatic strategy with household addressable

Combining household addressable and CTV enables you to precisely reach your audience on the largest screen in the home.

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What exactly is household addressable TV?

HH addressable (HHA) is linear TV inventory targetable at the household level, just like CTV. HHA shares many targeting and measurement capabilities with CTV, making them essentially two forms of the same marketing tool.

Cable and satellite companies like DISH, Fios, and others use a portion of their two minutes an hour of ad time on each cable channel to deliver addressable ads, creating a large pool of addressable TV inventory beyond CTV.

The increasing opportunity

CTV and HH addressable combined make up nearly 40% of national TV ads today. ¹ And due to the growth of both addressable linear TV and CTV, a significant majority of TV ads will soon be addressable. For this discussion, HH addressable inventory is considered ads on cable or satellite set-top devices, not airing on CTV devices.

According to eMarketer’s latest figures, HH addressable revenue is expected to continue to grow more than 27% in 2022 and 16% in 2023.² So, this plentiful pool of addressable TV inventory is not only highly interoperable with CTV, but it’s also growing!

The value of “programmatizing” HH addressable TV  

Incorporating HH addressable in your marketing strategy enables you to:

  • Drive efficiency by consolidating household addressable and digital buying, reporting and billing in a single platform
  • Reach more people by adding millions of homes of targeted TV reach to your CTV campaign
  • Control for audience overlap between HH addressable and other channels
  • Measure lift and outcomes holistically across HH addressable and CTV
  • Influence frequency and prevent overexposure

Combining HH addressable and CTV enables you to precisely reach your audience on the largest screen in the home, whether your target audience is watching on linear or digital platforms. As buying teams continue to converge, your organization has the opportunity to be an early adopter and shape the way TV campaigns are executed for years to come.

Yahoo is unique because we offer HH addressable advertising in an omnichannel DSP. We’re making all forms of addressable TV, HH addressable and CTV, and soon programmer addressable, easy to buy and manage in a cohesive way.

Watch these videos to learn more about adding HH addressable into your campaign strategy:

To learn how we can help you include HH addressable to connect with more consumers, let’s connect today.

¹⁻² Benes, Ross, “Linear addressable TV ad spending will grow 33.1% this year,” eMarketer.com.

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