July 19, 2022

Dominos Pizza partners with Yahoo to tap into the minds of pizza lovers

The “Stranger Things” campaign goes beyond linear TV into the world of telekinesis to promote the pizza brand’s Mind Ordering app.

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To celebrate the fourth season of Netflix's hit sci-fi series “Stranger Things,” Domino’s launched an app to make ordering a pizza eerily simple.

The Mind Ordering app is part of the largest entertainment integration in Domino’s history. After downloading the app, users find themselves transported to the 1986 set of “Stranger Things.” There, they can virtually explore the secretive Hawkins National Lab, uncover Easter eggs from the show, and – most importantly – place a Domino’s order through telekinesis (with a little help from facial recognition technology).

According to Kate Trumbull, Domino’s senior vice president of brand and product innovation, “It’s hard to connect with the Generation Z and Millennial audiences. Brands are tasked with finding audiences beyond linear TV in relevant ways that don’t feel like advertising. Our promotion with ‘Stranger Things’ and Yahoo does exactly that, as it reaches younger consumers who enjoy escaping by immersing themselves in what they love.”

Reaching younger audiences through creative, immersive technology
To achieve the maximum impact from its cutting-edge Mind Ordering app, Domino’s turned to Yahoo for campaign development and execution. Together they set clear objectives to drive campaign awareness and boost app downloads from the App Store and Google Play – especially among younger audiences, who are huge fans of the show. Yahoo and Domino’s tracked performance by looking at brand association preference data via Yahoo first-party measurement tools, and kept an eye on metrics across awareness and brand association lift.

The campaign included a custom content component and custom-built ad units, developed by Yahoo Creative Studios. Digital and interactive content across platforms, including Yahoo Preferred Network, and formats complemented TV ads. The formats encompassed premium branded content on Yahoo Entertainment and social platforms, including TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.

Meaningful connections that drive orders
To make deeper connections with the show’s young fans, Domino’s and Yahoo created multiple touchpoints for brand engagement, including a ‘pizza personality’ quiz. It may be easier than ever to place an order, but what if you don’t know which type of pizza is your perfect match? Mystery solved. By answering a few fun questions, users discovered which of the show’s lead characters they most resemble and got an order recommendation. Now, all that’s left is to think about those toppings … and watch the perfect pizza appear at your door.

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