October 28, 2021

DOOH'ing creativity right

At the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit, a panel of industry experts came together to discuss how innovative marketers are leveraging DOOH creativity.

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Digital out-of-home (DOOH) has earned its position in omnichannel media plans. While the medium may have been hit hard by the pandemic, this year, U.S. advertisers will spend $2.17 billion on DOOH ads, up from $1.58 billion in 2020. In 2022, DOOH will come close to its pre-pandemic high with $2.58 billion in ad spending.¹

A few years ago, OUTFRONT Media ran a billboard campaign that boldly claimed 100% of boring ads don’t matter. This was a data-driven statement: According to the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), up to 75% of advertising ROI is generated from the creative; and Nielsen and NCS found that 49% of a brand’s in-store sales lift from advertising is due to the creative. Good creative takes on even more weight in emerging media.

The best work happens when the media and creative come together. With DOOH, we can combine “Mad Men” creative with “Math Men” data to help maximize the effectiveness of an ad. And if innovation is born from necessity, the pandemic’s limitations have accelerated DOOH creativity.

At the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit, a panel of industry experts came together to discuss how innovative marketers are leveraging DOOH creativity, including:

  • Bringing the digital experience inside the four walls of retail – Despite massive e-commerce growth, the physical store will have lasting relevance in retail. A recent study by Forrester projects that 72% of retail will still take place offline in 2024.² Placing DOOH campaigns inside stores transforms the shopping experience. Learn how Kraft Heinz created a seasonal, summer BBQ campaign that drove sales of the featured product and lifted the entire condiment category.
  • Developing showstopping creative that drives interaction – Screens don’t have to be passive experiences. See how Yahoo created a screen experience that leaped into everyday life for Discovery channel’s “Shark Week.” This programmatic campaign, activated through the Yahoo DSP, used AR and QR codes via a CTV and DOOH engagement to give audiences an immersive experience with a shark!
  • Delivering value-based messaging with impactful takeovers – Capture consumers’ eyes and hearts with eye catching visuals in unexpected locations. Hear how one climate pledge campaign put trees in the center of NYC’s Times Square and stopped passersby in their tracks.

Watch the video below to learn more about these creative, highly-effective DOOH executions. Then connect with a Yahoo representative to explore how you can uplevel your campaign strategy.

¹ Benes, Ross, “U.S. Out-of-home ad spending 2021,” eMarketer.com, 23 August 2021, emarketer.com/content/us-out-of-home-ad-spending-2021. Accessed 24 October 2021.

² Unglesbee, Ben, “Despite online growth, stores will still account for three-fourths of retail sales in 2024, Forrester says,” Retaildive.com, 6 July 2021, retaildive.com/news/despite-online-growth-stores-will-still-account-for-three-fourths-of-retai/602862/. Accessed 24 October 2021.

Photo credit: Whitnee Shulman Photography: www.thesoulofwhit.com

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