May 29, 2022

How we helped an insurance company take on next-generation marketing with privacy in mind

More than 13,000 publisher domains have already adopted Yahoo ConnectID; with Next-Gen Audiences, Yahoo also supports the ability to reach audiences in absence of IDs. Demo, Income, Interest, Lookalike and Predictive are supported.

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In today’s internet age, privacy and data usage are increasingly scrutinized, but users are still expecting to see personalized experiences.

Changes in the advertising ecosystem will split the future into two worlds: addressable – when a user can be identified – and non-addressable, when a user can’t be identified. It’ll be critical to have an integrated identity strategy as advertisers and publishers will need to prepare for both scenarios.

For the first scenario – preserving addressability – Yahoo ConnectID can help. With Yahoo ConnectID, advertisers are able to identify the user – so, leaving media buying and measurement is the same as today. Yahoo ConnectID relies on our direct consumer relationships across our O&O. That's why consumer privacy is at the center of our strategy. We provide our users with different ways to control and manage their data and we always respect their choice.Yahoo ConnectID is only available in the Yahoo ecosystems (meaning in the Yahoo DSP and SS) to to minimize data leakage and misuse from third-party companies.

Next-Gen solutions on the other hand enables advertisers to reach consumers on non-addressable environments, where IDs aren't available or we don't have user consent. Next-Gen Audiences takes an innovative, privacy-centric approach to audience creation by leveraging our unique Yahoo ConnectID data as a sample and machine learning. This advanced contextual targeting solution goes well beyond content and does it at scale.With Next-Gen Audiences, consumers enjoy relevant ad experiences, advertisers reach high-value audiences at scale and publishers better monetize ID-less users even in ID-less digital environments.

Yahoo ConnectID & Next-Gen Solutions

More than 13,000 publisher domains have already adopted Yahoo ConnectID; with Next-Gen Audiences, Yahoo also supports the ability to reach audiences in absence of IDs across Demo, Income, Interest, Lookalike and Predictive.

A proven success by our client in Hong Kong

An insurance company in Hong Kong was one of our first clients to test Next-Gen Audiences.  The campaign took off in April 2022, and aimed to drive brand awareness and consideration.  Based on the declared campaign target audience and with the help of Yahoo ConnectID data and machine learning, Next-Gen Audiences successfully inferred the age and gender of bid requests using only contextual and other real-time signals. The campaign with Next-Gen demo targeting achieved 19% higher CTR and 40% lower CPC compared to traditional targeting. In particular, male targeting in the campaign recorded as much as 50% CPC drop while female targeting recorded 36% CPC decrease.  The test demonstrated how Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions can successfully improve audience reach and campaign performance in ID-less environments.

If you are interested in Yahoo advertising solutions, reach out to your Yahoo sales representative.

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