July 24, 2022

Meet the top performing ad creative of 2021 in Hong Kong

A good creative ad could effectively make a sale, gain new customers or loyal ambassadors and boost brand value.

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A good creative ad could effectively make a sale, gain new customers or loyal ambassadors and boost brand value. Defined as the “use of imagination of original ideas to create something”, creativity is what brings meaning to brand messaging, even in a world where technology seems to reign all.

A study from Yahoo, Magna and IPG named “The Interactive Effect” in 2021 revealed that interactive ads can boost audience’s curiosity and create a powerful brand experience beyond imagination.  Not only does it have the ability to build better connections with existing customers, but it can also change the minds of those who had previously rejected a brand.

To this end, Yahoo Moments is a great way to start the engagement.  It offers a variety of immersive features to show off the brand.  These include clickable touchpoints, 360 & panoramic views and carousel - a format that unfolds information as the user scrolls vertically on a mobile phone until the screen is full, thereby creating an exclusive, direct brand-to-consumer experience. Yahoo Moments is flexible and scaleable across Yahoo properties and DSP.  Click here for Moments adspec.  

Moments Ads - R2

So to give you some examples of how engaging ads stand out from the immense pool of content and help you stand out from the crowd, Yahoo Creative Studios team has charted the Top Performing Ads of 2021 for you.

Define your purpose

The first step to a good campaign is a clear focus: is it clicks or engagement?

Yahoo Creative Studios APAC Team has found that the Mobile Interstitial format outperforms the second best performed format by 35% higher CTR1 and 1.6x more engagement rate1. If the campaign is mobile-driven, pair it with Moments to drive 4x more CTR1 than mobile 300x250, for instance. If it’s not, opt for Dynamic Ad to drive clicks across all different formats including 300x250, 300x600 and pre-roll.

When it comes to engagement, 49% of users prefer interactive ads as it catches their attention, according to aforementioned The Interactive Effect.  With interactive ads casting a wilder net in grabbing user attention, as high as 60% of ad views can turn into successful engagement1.  As such, if webAR experience is adopted in the creative, time spent on the ad can reach as high as 52-seconds on average.1  

To drive video completion, choose Interstitial and Billboard apart from Pre-roll for a highly engaging manner to drive good completion rate. A study shows that an average of 29%1 of Ad Canvas video views can draw engagement successfully.

Canvas Ads-3

Here is the Chart Topper: Interstitial with scratch feature

The audience likes to be involved. As the top performer in interactive impression rate across clicks, taps, mouseover and more, this feature unveils the campaign product with a scratching motion – a feat that has topped the charts three years in a row!

Interstitial with scratch feature

Capturing attention via Tiles with AR – animated 3D characters

Fun elements in ads are effective in boosting engagement and brand association. 3D modelling and AR are exceptional examples as they put a key element of the brand into audience’s real-life environments. Clients also have the option to tailor their content according to time, weather and other data.

animated 3D characters

Boost Engagement via Tiles with WebAR gamification

Gamification is another effective way to increase client engagement via edutainment. Without the need to download an app, users can have fun while learning about the brand, as well as its services and products in an approachable manner. This is especially effective for heavily corporate and technical industries like insurance or government policies.

WebAR gamification

The habits and trends of 2021 have certainly offered remarkable insights to audience behaviour as well as how technology can not only further bridge the gap between brands and their consumers, but also how it can inspire creative minds in the industry. The Yahoo Creative Studios team is equipped with best-in-class ad technology to support your creative vision and deliver optimal brand and campaign messages through strategic planning, design and implementation.

Check out the Yahoo Creative Studios Ad Showcase  to explore our full creative capabilities with real-world examples of content experiences from recent projects.  Contact us for more insights and to get started building your campaigns with Yahoo.

For questions or enquiry about our ads solutions, please reach out to your Yahoo sales representative or email to ad.enquiry.hk@yahooinc.com.


1Yahoo Ad Creative APAC Benchmarks, 2021

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