June 26, 2024

Omniscope: Leveraging the power of data and AI to predict the future

Omniscope is the closest thing to a crystal ball within the Yahoo DSP. Our forecasting tool allows you to project delivery across all channels and formats on the open web, setting your campaigns up for success with data-driven predictive AI models.

Marcelo Machado

In my previous post, I shared how Yahoo Blueprint powers AI-based recommendations in the Yahoo DSP and how we analyze and combine different data signals to generate them. One of the data signals mentioned, our forecasting system, is actually the foundation of our recommendations. So now, we’re taking a deeper dive. After all, for us to be able to recommend an action, we need to be able to forecast its impact!

If you want to know the future, all you’ve got to do is look at the past. That pretty much sums up how our forecasting system works — except we use the power of AI to predict the future. We collect and process a lot of data  — over a million data signals from impression and bid request data every day¹! We then apply predictive AI models to accurately project supply trends for future dates and make these forecasts actionable for advertisers with our DSP forecasting tool, Omniscope. 

And we put this information in our buyers’ capable hands! Omniscope lets users quickly and easily forecast any targeting setting combination they might want, including audiences, day parting, inventory type, and more. 

Ok, but what’s so special about this Omniscope tool?

  • It puts “omni” into omnichannel, allowing clients to forecast delivery and supply across all channels and formats in the open web.
  • Do you have your own audience? Just bring it into our DSP and you’ll be able to use it in your forecasts just like any of the other hundreds of Yahoo proprietary or third-party audiences available.some text
    • Pro tip: You can use Omniscope to forecast the delivery against Predictive Audiences, which are algorithmically enhanced audiences that gauge each user's likelihood of purchase, thereby helping advertisers more accurately find their next potential customer. This is a great example of how you’re able to stack our AI-powered tools to find new audiences and achieve your goals more effectively.
  • Are you taking advantage of the meteoric rise of CTV? Understand the estimated reach based on households to maximize your CTV reach efficiently. 
  • Maybe you want to estimate reach across multiple deals? Or maybe you want to compare them and see how their users overlap? We’ve got you covered too!
  • Do you want a breakdown of supply? Or maybe just understanding the viewability rate you could achieve? Look no further!
  • Do you hate having the same supply coming from different SSPs? Omniscope also identifies those scenarios, helping you understand how unique your supply really is and what you can do to buy through the most efficient path.
  • And if you like what you see, with a click of a button you can create a new line targeting just that!

With accurate forecasting, you're setting your campaign up for success. But why stop there? Now, you can give your campaigns an extra boost with Yahoo Blueprint Performance, the next evolution of our AI engine, designed to drive performance and efficiency to new heights.

The best news is that both Omniscope and Yahoo Blueprint Performance are available to all DSP users! So, what are you waiting for? Come get your forecasting game on!

¹Yahoo internal data, Q2 2024.


About Marcelo Machado 

Marcelo Machado is a Tijucano and tricolor (go Fluminense Football Club!)  working as a product manager for Insights and Recommendations on the DSP. He helped make the DSP Dashboard a reality and is an enthusiast of making the DSP more intuitive and easier to use.

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