November 17, 2022

Solving for fragmentation with omnichannel ad solutions

Online media consumption is becoming more fragmented as it continues to grow. But your ad tech doesn’t need to be. Running your campaign on a single ad platform can help you connect to consumers everywhere and meet business goals.

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Online media consumption is becoming more fragmented as it continues to grow, in large part due to digitalisation of traditional media channels like Out-of-Home and TV.  By 2024, the average internet user in Western Europe is expected to have 9.4 devices and connections.1 So how do you reach your audience on the devices they’re using most?

The short answer is: by running campaigns in an omnichannel ad platform like Yahoo DSP. We can help you hit your business objective more effectively and efficiently by overcoming three of the biggest challenges caused by fragmentation—so you connect with consumers on any device.

Challenge 1: Bring together fragmented supply sources

Average time spent online is up 52 minutes per user since 2020 and most of it is coming outside social². Digitalisation of traditional media (CTV, DOOH, audio) is the driving factor and opens up a wealth of new opportunities for your digital campaigns.

However, this also adds to the complexity. See,  72% of US marketers cite the increase in transaction methods as the main reason for increased complexity in advertising3, so working across multiple individual DSPs makes it much harder to deliver a unified brand message. Not to mention the inefficiencies of having to manage campaigns and budgets across multiple DSPs. 

Running all of your digital campaigns in an omnichannel DSP allows you to run a holistic marketing campaign, without channel silos and allows you to easily shift budgets to the best performing campaigns.

Challenge 2: Target audiences with the right message at the right time

Research by Edelman shows that consumer trust in a brand can double once they’re exposed to marketing across four channels4. How do you know which channel is going to most effectively help you hit your goals? 

Increased fragmentation across devices means that only 53% of marketers globally have confidence in their ability to achieve unduplicated reach & frequency5. This is key to ensuring the right message is being delivered to the right user in a cost effective way. 

Running your campaigns in an omnichannel ad platform that has a unified ID graph like Yahoo DSP can help solve these challenges. Our logged in user base of 61M users in EMEA powers our Next Gen Solutions, as well as 3P data integrations, and can help give you a single view of your customers for planning, targeting and frequency management. On average we see each logged in user across 2.4 devices6, giving you control of your messaging and advanced solutions like cross channel dynamic creative and sequential messaging. 

Challenge 3: Full funnel measurement

Measurement is the last piece in the puzzle but arguably the most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. According to Nielsen, 64% of the time a single media channel will be weak for either a brand’s sales or brand objectives7. And worse,  it’s different for every campaign, so without unified and consistent measurement, it’s increasingly difficult to measure the combined impact of your marketing campaigns.

With our proprietary data and partner measurement solutions, we offer consolidated, full funnel measurement across your campaigns, which helps prove the value of activity across all channels and inform future planning. 


Our DSP is a true omnichannel platform that gives you the ability to run all your digital campaigns in one place, with future-proofed identity solutions to drive incrementality and enable full funnel measurement. See how advertisers like Lavazza have worked with us to hit their business goals.

For more information on how you or your client can start exploring our omnichannel solutions in your market, please reach out to your local Yahoo sales rep or contact us.



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4Edelman In Brands we Trust 2019

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7Nielsen: Building a marketing strategy for short-and long-term success

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