June 10, 2022

Yahoo partners with mobile measurement partners to unlock full potential of app marketing campaigns

When it comes to mobile app marketing campaigns, we ensure that customers seamlessly work with Yahoo and MMP partners of their choice. Learn more.

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We’re committed to building strong relationships with the world’s leading companies. And when it comes to mobile app marketing campaigns, that means ensuring that our customers can seamlessly work with Yahoo and the mobile measurement partner (MMP) of their choice. With mobile app spending on track to hit $350 billion in 2022, MMPs are integral in managing efficient advertising campaigns.*

What is a mobile measurement partner?

A mobile measurement partner, or MMP, measures campaign performance and spend across channels and presents it in one unified view. This simplifies the advertisers’ job of comparing campaign effectiveness across channels and creatives to improve ROAS.

Yahoo DSP supports connections with all major MMPs, including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava and Singular. App marketing advertisers can receive and see reports in the DSP about MMP-based conversions for their app marketing lines running on iOS and Android devices. Yahoo supports install, post-install and re-engagement conversions. Advertisers can choose to send SKAdNetwork data to the MMP with a simple checkbox.

Recent privacy changes have challenged the mobile app attribution business in a way that adds confusion to marketing channel effectiveness. Along with the industry-leading MMPs mentioned above, we’re paving the way in developing privacy-centric solutions for a world without universal identifiers. Building long-lasting partnerships with the major mobile measurement partners is just the beginning of our efforts to continuously improve the mobile app user acquisition experience for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

To get started with your app marketing campaign or integrate your existing MMP into your current app marketing campaign, connect with us today.

* Data.ai, January 2022. “State of Mobile 2022,” Data.ai.com.

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