August 19, 2022

Yahoo in-house ad creative team’s top performing creatives

49% of users say that interactive ads are more likely to grab their attention online. Find out which dynamic formats drove the best results for advertisers.

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An online study conducted by Magna, IPG, and Yahoo (The Interactive Effect), found 49% of users said interactive ads were more likely to grab their attention when browsing across the web. With advertising spend continuing to increase online, more and more brands are vying for consumers' attention on their phone, computer and other digital screens.

Our in-house ad creative team found in 2020 that Carousels and our Native Tiles ad format were the clear winners for attracting  user’s attention and driving better results for advertisers. 2021 unsurprisingly uncovered the same outcome. Carousels still remain the best way to drive interactivity and engagement within your ad creative on desktop and mobile

Here are our ad creative team’s top performing creatives for 2021:

Carousel Ads

Carousels remain the top feature to deliver high engagement within your ad creative on desktop and mobile, with interaction rates over then times higher (Source: Yahoo Ad Creative Benchmarks, 2021) than the next best feature. Carousels allow you to convey multiple messages about your brand or product within the same experience and therefore help better inform and educate your audience. 

Keeping Attention with Video

Video was the most engaging format amongst the Yahoo audience in 2021. With users spending on average 34 seconds (Source: Yahoo Ad Creative Benchmarks, 2021) interacting with an ad creative which included video. Video is by far the favourite when it comes to drawing users in for an extended period of time, and offers variety when expanding the reach of a campaign with its use of Display, Native & Video.

Gamification for the win

Gamified ads continue to perform well as a feature that delivers high engagement in our users with quizzes and branching narrative video being two areas most requested by advertisers. With gaming being one of the largest habits to form in the past two years (IAB Europe, Guide to In-Gaming, 2021), embracing this new habit can help lead to greater brand awareness and deliver more of your message across key formats with users spending on average 13 seconds engaging with the ad.

2022 continued to show that adding interactivity within your ad creative can really help boost performance.

Ad Creative are available to consult and design the best possible creative for your campaign. We will support your creative vision through strategic planning, design, and implementation across multiple screens, all which can be delivered within our omnichannel ad platforms, and targeted to make the biggest impact.

Our in-house design team are experts at ensuring that creative is optimised for desktop, native, mobile, audio, DOOH and CTV - and can support the delivery of multi-channel campaigns to ensure they run, with tailored knowledge of best performing across via Yahoo’s DSP which supports functionality such as Dynamic Creative.

Check out the Yahoo Ad Showcase to explore our full creative capabilities with real-world examples of content experiences from recent projects. Contact us for more insights and to get started building your campaigns with Ad Creative Tech.

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