June 10, 2024

Yahoo Launches Blueprint Performance: Elevating Ad Efficacy with AI-Driven Optimization

Yahoo's latest innovation within its DSP transforms digital advertising with enhanced AI capabilities, delivering superior efficiency and tailored campaign success

New York, NY – June  10, 2024Yahoo Advertising announced Yahoo Blueprint Performance, the latest update to its AI engine, Yahoo Blueprint, which powers a suite of features that guide performance throughout the Yahoo DSP. This next-level enhancement redefines how advertisers manage and optimize digital campaigns by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to boost efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining control.

Yahoo Blueprint, which first debuted in late 2023, capitalizes on more than 20 years of AI and machine learning development and proprietary data derived from 335M+ logged-in users globally¹. From the DSP’s forecasting tool that accurately projects campaign delivery across all channels in the open web, to creative optimization that delivers better ad relevance, AI is interwoven in the DSP via Yahoo Blueprint. Its goal is to drive performance and campaign optimization throughout the campaign lifecycle, while making advertisers' lives easier. Building on this robust foundation, Yahoo Blueprint Performance unlocks an advanced AI model for advertisers which delivers superior outcomes, enhances campaign efficiency, and provides new AI-powered features. Early testers have seen up to 30% improvement in campaign performance.

“Yahoo Blueprint Performance underscores Yahoo’s AI legacy and our unique first-party data, which set us apart in supporting advertisers as they navigate an increasingly complex digital environment,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. “This is more than just an incremental update, it’s a leap forward, offering superior outcomes through smarter, AI-driven results. Yahoo Blueprint Performance is an example of how AI should work in digital advertising, providing implementation control in a transparent and understandable way.” 

Key features of Yahoo Blueprint Performance include:

  • Enhanced AI-Powered Predictions: Ability to process 10 times more data signals enables more accurate predictions across fluctuating traffic patterns.
  • Smarter buying: By improving the precision of bid placements and 90% faster feedback loop for more control on budget delivery, Yahoo Blueprint Performance ensures optimal use of ad budgets, focusing spend on the most impactful impressions.
  • Maintain Control: Advertisers control whether they opt into Yahoo Blueprint Performance, giving them choice based on what best aligns with their specific campaign objectives and preferences. Advertisers using Yahoo Blueprint Performance maintain transparency in campaign reporting and enabling them to drill down and identify the key drivers of performance.

With an enhanced AI model, Yahoo Blueprint Performance unlocks additional AI-powered features. Starting with Customer Value Optimization (CVO), now out of beta, which provides advertisers with advanced first-party data solutions to combat signal loss for the impending cookie deprecation. CVO maximizes customer engagement and conversion based on scoring such as lifetime value, ensuring campaigns target the most valuable prospects.

"Yahoo Blueprint Performance has been a solid performer for our campaigns,” said Mary O'Brien, Head of Programmatic, PMG.  “We’ve seen increased engagement and efficiency, which has allowed us to better optimize results. We’re impressed with the advancements the Yahoo DSP has made which continue to pair increased transparency with superior outcomes.”

Currently, Yahoo has nearly 570 patents for AI/machine learning and the DSP, showcasing its commitment to creating differentiated AI/ML solutions in the market. Yahoo will continue to make advancements to both Yahoo Blueprint and Yahoo Blueprint Performance to meet evolving advertiser needs, especially in CTV. Yahoo Blueprint will be pivotal in maximizing CTV investments for advertisers enabling AI-powered recommendations and forecasting to generate incremental reach and advancements in live sports campaign pacing for optimal ad delivery.

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¹Yahoo Internal Data, 2024

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