Sustainable identity solutions for growth

Meaningful audience data for a cookieless world, and beyond.

Persistent identity built on real relationships

From search to shopping receipts, we see more than 200B cross-screen user intent signals every day. Our direct consumer relationships across owned and operated sites like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance allow us to build comprehensive identity-based user profiles.

Key Differentiators

1:1 relationships

A loyal user-base of over 290 million consenting users through Yahoo media properties.2

2 Yahoo, Internal data, 2021.

Diverse data

Connect cross-screen, through the power of over 200 billion daily data signals.3

3 Yahoo, Internal data, 2021.

Privacy first

Consumer choice and privacy is at the core of what we do.

A sustainable approach to identity

Yahoo ConnectID uses proprietary logged-in user data from our O&O sites to match with your first-party cookies, creating known audiences even if you have no user identifiers. Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions uses advanced machine learning paired with Yahoo ConnectID data to create value for truly non-addressable audiences.

Connect ID

A unified identity solution for a cookieless future

Yahoo ConnectID draws on data from millions of opted-in users across our global portfolio of O&O media properties.

Yahoo ConnectID

Advanced contextual targeting for the ID-less era

When identity isn't available, our Next-Gen Solutions  leverage billions of real-time signals to help you monetize better.

Next-Gen Solutions

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