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Taking audio to a new level

Break through the noise and make a one-to-one connection with engaged listeners with our programmatic audio solutions.

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Premium inventory

Access partners like Spotify, SoundCloud and iHeartRadio, or integrate into O&O podcasts from TechCrunch, Yahoo Sports, and more. That sound you hear is performance.

Streamlined management

Centrally plan, buy and manage audio campaigns in one interface with our DSP, and use our proprietary insight tools to understand how audio impacts your media campaign.

Robust targeting

Layer our first-party data targeting from mail, purchase receipts, search, and more, create lookalike and predictive audiences or upload your own. It’s the easy way to get in the heads of the right audiences.


Get your story heard with podcast integrations

Podcasts are more popular than ever, keep listeners informed, inspired and entertained while on the go. Make an authentic 1:1 connection with your audience during screenless moments with our podcast solutions.

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Engaged Reach


Monthly audio content hours available through our DSP*

Yahoo, Internal data, 2020.

Drive Action


Of listeners take action after hearing audio ads during a podcast*

Yahoo, Innovation study, April 2020.

Increase ROI


Of brands saw increased ROI from branded podcasts*

Yahoo, Immersive Formats Study, 301 Marketer and Agency Contacts, April 2020.

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