December 16, 2020

Get your story heard with podcast integrations

Create authentic, 1:1 connections with your audience during screenless moments with our podcast integrations.

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Podcasts have the power to provide listeners with the latest news to stay informed, or act as the perfect audio escape from reality. It’s this balance that makes podcasts such a popular medium, and streaming numbers are again on the rise after a slight dip due to stay-at-home measures.

For brands, podcasts offer an opportunity to create authentic, 1:1 connections during your audience’s screenless moments.

Digital audio as a whole is now the most popular mobile app activity, significantly outpacing even social media, video consumption, and gaming. Audio experiences are more personalized than ever, and timely topics such as News, Technology, and Business are helping to fuel streaming’s growth.

Over 16 million consumers consider themselves avid podcast fans, with 81% of listeners taking action after hearing audio ads during a podcast1,2. Branded podcasts are now driving conversion on the level of TV ads, with a 41% increase in Net ROI reported over the past 12 months2.

We offer partnership opportunities within ad blocking-free environments, built for brand safety.

73% of our users listen to podcasts, giving you access to millions of digital audio listeners through our DSP.

Our integrations not only allow you purchase ads programmatically to run during streaming audio ad breaks, but we will work with your brand to integrate your story and message directly within our premier O&O podcasts. Sponsorship opportunities include access to premium, exclusive inventory across our network, with podcasts specifically targeted to fit your goals and objectives.

With Joint-Venture podcasts, your brand gets 100% SOV of audio ads within your chosen Verizon Media podcast, plus display ads on select article pages, cross-brand opportunities, and cross portfolio sponsorships.

You can also expand your storytelling capabilities by working with our in-house creative studio to build a fully customized podcast series supported, distributed, and amplified through Yahoo O&O platforms. And with Audio Brand Beats, your brand story/ messaging is featured directly inside a thematically- aligned podcast episode.

We make it easy to tell your story, and even easier to buy programmatically through our DSP. Reach engaged listeners wherever they go across top audio publishers with efficient targeting, measurable delivery, and dynamic creative. Our DSP offers first-party data to build custom audiences and improve targeting via predictive, lookalike, weather, location, device, daypart, frequency - you name it, we can target it.

Our DSP also allows you to manage omnichannel and cross-device campaigns from one central location, empowering you to go beyond desktop and mobile to extend your reach at home, on TV, or in the car. We make it easy to buy the way you want, with access to premium audio inventory across all major platforms, broadcasters, and podcasts.

Curate the perfect deal to align with your listening audience today.

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