December 9, 2022

New year, new you: 3 ways to drive growth with identity

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As 2022 winds down, it’s time for a few new year’s resolutions. And with identity being the hot topic of this year, we’re offering three resolutions to help you reach your identity goals in 2023 and beyond. Save this blog or write down these resolutions so you can refer to them beyond January.

1. Resolve to leverage the unique power of commerce and media networks 

New year, new opportunities for growth. As the digital marketing ecosystem navigates the wave of privacy changes and prepares for the ID-less future, retail media networks (RMNs) have become the fastest-growing segment in ad tech for good reason. Not only do they tap into retailers' unique data and context, but they also enable brands to reach consumers while preserving privacy. 

Media networks allow any business to leverage its first-party data for high-performing, curated, targeted, relevant consumer ads – without sharing this data with advertisers. With RMNs, advertisers extract value from data they own while maintaining consumer privacy. And consumers benefit from better ad experiences. 

It’s clear retail media networks are a win-win for advertisers and consumers – so how can you leverage them in 2023? Reading up on our partnerships with Lowe’s One Roof Media Network and Marriott International is a great place to start for making this a resolution you keep. 

2. Resolve to scale programmatic with quality creative 

If you want to have a lasting impact in programmatic, you won’t be able to pull the same familiar levers as before. As cookie deprecation accelerates toward an ID-less world, creative becomes more and more critical. In fact, 96% of advertisers agree that creative quality can positively impact campaign performance.1 

For the new year, resolve to ensure your programmatic is backed by hard-working creative. Our DSP offers a centralized platform to create, manage and scale omnichannel creatives that thrive in addressable and non-addressable environments. And our in-house team, Yahoo Creative Studios, maximizes creative quality with tools like dynamic creative that leverage Yahoo data to future-proof delivery of your personalized ads for brand growth and efficiency. Check out our partnership with Offerpad to learn how leveraging the Yahoo DSP to rev up your creative power can result in a 45% lower effective cost per lead (eCPL) compared to previous campaigns.2

3. Resolve to deliver increased value with advanced TV

It’s not the same world of cable and cords of yore. Digital TV and video viewing patterns have grown as users continue to exchange legacy cable platforms for streaming services – with 75% of households reached on CTV being incremental to linear TV.3

In an ID-less world, the value for advertisers is clear. You have the power to increase value with advanced TV by optimizing based on audiences’ cross-screen viewing habits to target at a one-to-one or household level. You get complete control over your TV investment from planning to reporting, actionable insights to inform optimization of incremental reach or lift, and precision to hit lower-funnel objectives.  

In 2023, resolve to make your TV investment count with our exclusive data across every major network and publisher, representing 80M+ CTV and 25M linear addressable households.4 

May auld identity ways of connecting with audiences be forgot

As macroeconomic headwinds swirl and identity uncertainty continues across the industry, start 2023 by focusing on what you can control. Resolving to make retail media networks, programmatic creative and convergent TV strategies a part of your digital toolbox, you’ll be ready to thrive in the ID-less world – in the year ahead and beyond. Happy New Year from everyone at Yahoo!

1 Advertiser Perceptions, Advertiser Omnibus, July 2022.

2 Yahoo, Internal data, June 2022.

3-4 Yahoo, Internal data, 2021.

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