Driving Leads Efficiently

How We Did It

Localized strategy

Geo-specific messaging and creatives increased the relevancy of Offerpad’s ads among home sellers.

Dynamic creative

To automatically deliver ads featuring geo-specific messages and imagery at scale.

Personal touch

Every creative featured tailored, personalized messaging optimized with real-time data.

It can be challenging and budget-demanding to get home sellers to fill out a form on our website. We knew we needed a partner that had the right tools to get more traction with home sellers in an efficient way, and Yahoo’s team and their dynamic creative tool delivered just that.

Michael Stancil, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Offerpad


A better home selling experience

Offerpad’s mission is to deliver the best home selling experience possible and worked with Yahoo to amplify this message across the U.S. in order to achieve more efficient response rates amongst home sellers.


A personalized approach for maximum performance

Our sustainable dynamic creative solution is built for the ID-less future, enabling advertisers to automatically generate creatives to personalize and optimize ad content using real-time, exclusive data. With Yahoo, Offerpad focused on a localization strategy with Yahoo dynamic creative to capture the attention of home sellers in a more meaningful way. They did this by delivering ads featuring geo-specific messages and imagery which delivers the relevancy that drives home sellers to act, in this case, getting started with a home sale on the Offerpad website.


Efficient lead generation

With dynamic creative, Offerpad captured leads with significantly higher efficiency compared to their previous ad campaigns, resulting in 45% lower eCPLs (effective Cost Per Leads). With Offerpad’s success with Yahoo dynamic creative, Offerpad had the confidence to expand to two more dynamic creative executions, one for pre-roll video and one for home buyer messaging.


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