Connecting with Gen Z and millenials at scale

How We Did It

Advanced technology

Leveraged AR/XR technology to engage and inspire audiences at scale.

Innovative content

A next-gen Buzzfeed quiz to captivate fans.

Incremental reach

Through the combined power of Buzzfeed and Yahoo audiences.

It’s easy to have content and audience alignment, but the real piece of a partnership is when there’s skin in the game for both parties. We had to do something each of us could’ve not done on our own.

Ken Blom, SVP of Ad Strategy and Partnerships, BuzzFeed


A perfect match

BuzzFeed has been at the forefront of the digital media revolution, pushing the boundaries of content that connects, communicates and transports people away from their day to day. To reach their Gen Z and millennial audience at scale, BuzzFeed wanted a marketing partner that aligned with its content and goals. Yahoo was a perfect match: our platforms share a similar voice, tone and vision to BuzzFeed across news, entertainment and lifestyle content. Together, we could do something great.


A next-level, BuzzFeed-worthy quiz

BuzzFeed quizzes have iconic staying power. BuzzFeed partnered with Yahoo Creative Studios, our in-house creative team, to take their quiz experience one step further using augmented reality (AR). When users took a quiz, they unlocked an exciting virtual game experience never seen by BuzzFeed users before. Content was distributed across BuzzFeed and Yahoo websites to tap into the combined power of our audiences and achieve incremental reach.


New audiences, new reach

BuzzFeed’s campaign opened the door to incremental and engaged, highly relevant audiences through an innovation ad campaign. By adopting Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, BuzzFeed created a large, addressable audience and could better target audiences without the need for cookies.

Expanding our partnership with Yahoo strengthens our offering and effectiveness for advertisers. We see Yahoo as a great compliment to our stack.

Ken Blom, SVP of Ad Strategy and Partnerships, BuzzFeed


SSP & Content Distribution

Preferred programmatic access to deals, plus content distribution on Yahoo and BuzzFeed sites.


Built a large addressable audience with Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions.

Yahoo Creative Studios

Developed an innovative AR-enabled Buzzfeed quiz.

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