Kwik Fit

Increasing brand awareness and perception among millennials

How We Did It

Boosted brand familiarity

Leveraging Xbox platform’s data and innovative in-game solutions

Increased spontaneous awareness

With +10%pts lift on first mentions and +17%pts in total mentions

Improved brand perception

In-game livery gifted to over +10MM players globally

The partnership with Yahoo through Xbox was a brilliant demonstration of how together the teams at Kwik Fit and MediaCom continue to innovate our communications strategies. This campaign was a fantastic example of how we are evolving our approach to reach new audiences with salient brand messaging.

Marketing Director, Kwik Fit


Racing ahead

Car-servicing company Kwik Fit wanted to increase awareness for their new monthly subscription service, Kwik Fit Club, and drive affinity among a millennial audience. They looked to Xbox’s popular racing title, Forza Horizon 5 to jump-start their campaign and reposition their brand as a market innovator.


In the driver’s seat

Kwik Fit integrated their brand on the Xbox console home screen and into the gameplay itself with an interstitial video that celebrated their ‘Ode to the Road’ Kwik Fit Club proposition. The ads featured a QR code to download the Kwik Fit Club app. An in-game activation that enabled Forza Horizon 5 players to drive with a bespoke Kwik Fit vehicle wrap. With data, innovative in-game solutions and social promotions, Kwik Fit was in the driver’s seat of an original campaign that was an impactful departure from anything they’d done before.


A winning formula

Through their campaign, Kwik Fit delivered a significant shift in brand metrics, including a +17% pts lift spontaneous awareness of  Kwik Fit Club, and a lift in brand perception among millennials. Results outperformed the category benchmark across ad recall, favourability, consideration and usage intent, demonstrating the partnership’s success.

Yahoo / On Device Research Brand Study

Placing an established automotive service and maintenance brand on a virtual car in a highly successful game was a fantastic achievement, which connected us with new customers and as importantly inspired our colleagues many of whom are gamers themselves. We’ve been delighted with the whole campaign.

Marketing Director, Kwik Fit


Brand integration

Partnered with Xbox to reach millennials through the Forza Horizon 5 game

Interstitial video

Celebrating Kwik Fit’s ‘Ode to the Road’ proposition

In-game promotion

Custom vehicle wrap offered to Forza Horizon 5 players

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