Connecting with beer drinkers who are out in the world again

How We Did It

Contextual relevance

DOOH ads reached beer drinkers on-the-go, while socializing or playing golf.

Immersive ads

On golf carts, rideshare vehicles and cooler door screens.

Precise targeting

Users were targeted directly before they had chosen a beer.

Everywhere you looked, advertisers were trying to leverage the excitement surrounding reopening. We wanted to cut through the noise and connect with consumers at the precise moment of this ‘summer reemergence’ and directly before they selected their beer of choice.

Brian Weidy, Head of Digital Media, Anheuser-Busch USA


A toast to no ordinary summer

The world was cautiously optimistic entering the summer of 2021 after a full year of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. A different world demanded different advertising: a standard go-to-market strategy was not going to cut it for Anheuser-Busch brewery.


Key moments, more engagement

Anheuser-Busch identified three key summer reemergence moments. “Going Out Again” targeted consumers on their way to bars and restaurants in Uber or Lyft vehicles, reaching millions of high-value passengers with CTA QR codes. “Going to the Next Tee” targeted thirsty consumers out playing golf through golf carts equipped with video screens. And lastly, “Going to the Backyard” targeted people headed to their backyards for some fun, using immersive full-screen video ads placed directly on cooler doors where Anheuser-Busch products are sold.


Context is everything

Anheuser-Busch demonstrated that context is everything. With Yahoo, they stitched together multiple vendors, data signals and inventory to create a seamless outdoor experience that drove consumers to action at the moment of intent. Between in-store activations, which doubled lift at POS, and the Uber/Lyft activation, the campaign achieved remarkable results and established a new level of excellence in the DOOH industry.

Our efforts led to remarkable results, but more importantly, they established a new level of excellence in the DOOH industry.

Laurel Van Tassel, Global Senior Director of Media, ABInBev


DOOH on golf carts

Captured consumers enjoying outdoor fun.

DOOH in-Uber ads

Reached millions of high-value passengers on their way to bars and restaurants.

DOOH in-store video

Built emotional connections with sight, sound and motion at the point of sale.

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