McDonald’s Canada

Spreading the word on a new rewards program

How We Did It

Lead generation

Drove awareness and acquisition of MyMcDonald’s Rewards on the app.

Gamified fun

A gaming experience educated consumers about the program in a fun engaging way.

Augmented reality

Enabled customers to “find” their favorite McDonald’s items within the app.

We knew that our loyalty program had to be understood in a fun way, so it was a no brainer to gamify the campaign and drive that sense of fun home.

Leila Wong, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy & Loyalty, McDonald’s Canada


Delighting fans everywhere

In 2021, McDonald’s Canada celebrated the launch of its first-ever digital-points-based loyalty program, MyMcDonald’s Rewards, delighting fans of the golden arches nationwide. With their new loyalty program, guests can earn points on every order from the Big Mac to the McFlurry and redeem them for free at their local McDonald’s restaurant — a milestone for both the brand and the guest experience. McDonald’s wanted to spread the word about this exciting new program, and to encourage downloads of the McDonald’s app.


A snackable game

To get the word out about MyMcDonald’s Rewards, the McDonald’s team partnered with us to launch a full-fledged AR experience populated with their most iconic menu items. The premise of the “Find Your Favourites” game was simple: open your camera within the app and find the McDonald’s menu items on the screen before time runs out, wherever in the world you are. This fun, snackable experience encouraged people to join MyMcDonald’s Rewards with great success.


Racking up points and brand love

The “Find Your Favourites” campaign surpassed expectations, driving 129 million loyalty impressions on the McDonald’s app and educating customers in a fun, engaging way that encouraged participation. Going big paid off in positive reviews and generated serious momentum. McDonald's Canada successfully engaged their audience by delivering value, convenience and personalization.

The experience of being a part of the launch was next level. Free rewards. Free McDonald’s. Our campaign fully delivered that and shows what a great loyalty program it is.

Leila Wong, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy & Loyalty, McDonald’s Canada


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