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Klick Health tests Yahoo Identity Solutions to gain insights in an Identity-constrained world

How We Did It

A true A/B testing approach

A simulation of the identity-constrained world

Control on advertiser’s hands

Easy set up in the Yahoo DSP

Transparent reporting and meaningful insights

Gain insights into reach and cost

As we continue to help life sciences clients prepare for the changing digital landscape, we’re committed to partnering with companies like Yahoo Advertising, that have cutting-edge identity solutions and capacity to execute campaigns emulating the cookieless future. We work in a very data-driven sector and the learnings from this testing provide our team with another competitive advantage in effectively reaching our clients’ target audiences on a large scale.

Kristy Quagliariello VP, Programmatic, Klick Health


The identity landscape is changing

The industry has undergone an identity transformation in recent years, welcoming a new era of advertising where consumer privacy is at the center. 2024 is the beginning of the end for third-party cookies on Chrome and device IDs are also at risk. Klick’s Media team aimed to gain innovative insights and to better understand the impact on audience reach when third-party cookies and device IDs are not available.


An A/B testing approach

Yahoo’s A/B testing approach simulates the identity-constrained future and enabled Klick’s Media team to gather valuable insights. 

A control line ran across supply as it is today. A test line running on the same inventory, but removing 3P cookies and device IDs (including Chrome), leveraged Yahoo Identity Solutions to ensure effective targeting and buying.

Easy setup & full control: Our transparent approach gave Klick’s Media team full control to set up the desired campaign parameters, such as targeting and frequency capping. 

The Yahoo DSP team provided continuous support throughout the process and helped Klick take full advantage of identity testing capabilities within the Yahoo DSP.


Transparent reporting and meaningful insights

Through Yahoo reporting, Klick’s Media team was able to compare results of control vs. test lines across metrics such as reach and cost.

Additionally, Klick gained insights into the media buying process and how Yahoo Identity Solutions can help find success in a world without cookies or device IDs.


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