Glewed TV

Prioritizing privacy and growth

How We Did It

Supply partnership

Glewed TV made their inventory available to Yahoo DSP advertisers.

Transparent reporting

Transparent reporting to Glewed TV advertisers increased trust.

User experience

More relevant ads delivered to users through our unified stack.

We’re really proud of our transparency because we feel like we’re adding value for both the advertiser and viewer. More relevant ads for users means advertisers are getting more bang for their buck. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Eric Fitzpatrick, VP of Strategy, Glewed TV


A partnership built on trust

Media buying can be opaque. Glewed TV creates a better experience for publishers, advertisers and viewers with its balanced respect for all. Glewed TV partnered with Yahoo to make their inventory available to more programmatic advertisers to connect quality content to as many people as possible while respecting transparency and user privacy.


Top notch strategy meets transparency

Glewed TV’s core principles revolve around transparency and privacy. They needed a partner that could provide complete visibility into the moving parts of the supply business. For example, giving ad buyers the information they need to make the right choice for ad placement and reporting afterward on where their ads did run. By working with Yahoo, they were able to provide more relevant ads to users and, in turn, help advertisers ensure their ads were more impactful.


Transparency worth looking at

Glewed TV hit the gas pedal on growth by nourishing both ends of the buying spectrum, allowing their ecosystem to become more accessible to new buys. Their partnership with Yahoo increased Glewed TV advertisers, including one of the nation’s leading insurance providers, and an uplift in revenue. Glewed TV now exceeds 25K hours of premium full-episode content, delivering ads to over 80 million U.S. households.

Source: Glewed TV internal data , 2022

It’s important that SSPs are able to be transparent to their buyers as well as publishers to see what the ads in the media buy ultimately ran against. Yahoo was the perfect partner. We’re reaching 80 million households now.

Eric Fitzpatrick, VP of Strategy, Glewed TV


Yahoo Unified Stack

Harness full-stack efficiencies to increase revenue from the Yahoo DSP.

Programmatic demand

Connect with unique demand on the open exchange and Programmatic Guaranteed.

Yahoo ConnectID

Creates a large, privacy-centric and addressable audience for Glewed TV advertisers.

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