Driving Footfall Traffic with Tap-to-Map

How We Did It

Highly targeted

We spoke directly to fitness and wellness enthusiasts ready to tackle in-store shopping again

Spending wisely

Resulting in a 10x increase in CPM efficiency1

1PUMA internal data

Real results

Driving retail traffic with an 88% reduction in Cost Per Click relative to benchmarks1

1PUMA internal data

As marketers, we need to allow the always-evolving digital world to drive the way we build plans, create content, and buy media.

Renata Andersen, Team Head, Media & Marketing Communications, PUMA North America


Returning to retail

For PUMA, speed matters. Their data-driven approach to marketing prioritizes the consumer while keeping pace with an ever-evolving digital world. When it came time to safely reopen their NYC Flagship Store, PUMA turned to Yahoo. Together, we welcomed back shoppers, with tailored touchpoints and meaningful connections that matched PUMA’s drive to be Forever Faster.


Directing traffic

The media campaign took full advantage of engaging ad formats, quickly spreading word to fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Consumers interacted with a Tap-to-Map ad unit to learn about the store’s opening, giving them a direct route to the store location. PUMA also offered a 10% discount code within a Digital Wallet ad, and sequential messaging ensured that those who mapped the route received a coupon at their next store visit.


Big efficiencies, bigger results

Throughout the campaign, we helped PUMA detect real-time consumer interests and actions, as well as provided timely messaging to a curated audience. With a CPM 10x more efficient than past display campaigns and an 88% reduction in Cost Per Click relative to benchmarks, PUMA created a relevant, value-add experience that drove store visits.

With our carefully curated audiences, PUMA was able to detect real-time interests and actions from a deterministic user base to timely message those ready to thoughtfully tackle in-store shopping.

Renata Andersen, Team Head, Media & Marketing Communications, PUMA North America


Tap-to-Map experience

Driving retail traffic across native static and native moments ad formats

Yahoo proprietary predictive modeling

With audience targeting including interest, location, mail and purchase data

Mobile Wallet integration

With native static ads developed by Yahoo Creative

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