How branding supercharged Reuters' acquisition strategy

How We Did It

+27%pts lift in awareness

By including a branded video prior to native retargeting.

2X conversions

Users shown the branded video were twice as likely to sign up.

-95% cost-per-acquisition

Use of the Yahoo Pixel drove higher CTRs and higher conversion rates.

It was a pleasure working with Yahoo on this campaign. They understood the brief and delivered a robust and concise campaign which enabled Reuters to test their hypothesis that upper funnel activation imbues performance marketing.

Katy Maloney, Managing Partner B2B, Wavemaker


Breaking through the noise

Multimedia news provider, Reuters News, had a tried and tested acquisition strategy of encouraging consumers to sign up to its free, independent news site. But with growing demand for trusted, unbiased news in a highly competitive market, Reuters needed solutions to connect with their target audience, without jeopardizing performance and cost. 


The importance of brand

Reuters’ agency Wavemaker had a theory that users exposed to a branded video would be more likely to engage with a retargeting ad and register. We created a campaign designed to test this hypothesis through a 30” pre roll and CTV ad, native retargeting and native only as a comparison. To target Reuters’ desired audience of business decision makers, we used our first-party and third-party audience segments. In addition, Reuters implemented the Yahoo Pixel on their registration page to supercharge optimization and cost efficiencies.


Newsworthy results

The campaign unequivocally proved that adding branding to their media plan increased performance. Users that were served the branded video prior to the native ad were twice as likely to sign up than those who saw the native ad alone. This was further proven by an independent brand study conducted by On Device Research. Brand awareness amongst those who were served both the branded video and native ad was +27%pts higher than those seeing native only. The results of using the Yahoo Pixel were equally as impressive. The predictive segments, optimized using the Pixel showed a 4x Higher conversion rate and dramatically lower CPA.

Yahoo / On Device Brand Study, 2022

The results speak for themselves - twice as many conversions whilst reducing cost per acquisition!

Katy Maloney, Managing Partner B2B, Wavemaker


Pre-roll and CTV

Drove brand awareness through upfront messaging

Native retargeting

Encouraged users to register for Reuters

Yahoo Pixel

Supercharged optimization and cost efficiencies

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