January 9, 2023

Identity myths busted

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There’s no denying it. The identity-constrained future will soon be a reality, even with Google recently granting a second extension of their third-party cookie depreciation on Chrome. 

Now’s the time to get ahead of the industry’s move to being ID-less. Are you trying to figure out where to begin? Let’s start by busting some identity myths. Here are three we hear a lot.

Myth 1: All identity solutions are nearly the same.

No. Many ID solutions are similar, mainly because they require user email to work. However, not all ID solutions are created equal. Yahoo ConnectID, while requiring user email, is built on top of first-party consent-based data. It means that we not only have a more future-proof foundation for our identity, but we also bring unique data to the table on top of pure identity resolution. 

Yahoo ConnectID is live and helping brands drive growth. Recently, a QSR client using Yahoo ConnectID saw a 67% increase in incremental reach and a 32% increase in incremental conversions because they could reach users they couldn’t previously.1 Results like this are why more than 2,000+ advertisers have bought Yahoo ConnectID-enabled supply in the last 30 days alone. 

Another benefit that sets us apart is that we provide strong data governance and security. Yahoo ConnectID data isn't shared across the ecosystem. Only one entity can decrypt IDs derived from your first-party data.

Myth 2: You need logged-in users or email addresses to benefit from ID solutions. 

No, you don’t. There is a strong perception that you need logged-in users or email addresses to benefit from ID solutions.  True, you likely can’t make all of your users register with their email addresses, and we can help with that. Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions leverages a sample of known users from Yahoo ConnectID and real times signals to infer information such as demo, income, interest and lookalike audiences.  Advertisers using Next-Gen Solutions have seen as much as a 39% higher reach on non-addressable supply, and publishers have seen a 53% higher effective cost per mille (eCPM) for that supply. Additionally, there was an average 20% increase in clicks for these audiences.2

Myth 3: The absence of cookies will only impact the web.

The answer is no. Our industry is facing an omnichannel transformation. While web and mobile are impacted the most, no channel is immune. For example: 

  • Measuring web conversions for CTV campaigns will be more difficult.
  • Targeting audio or DOOH campaigns based on users’ phone behaviors will take more work.
  • Accurately managing reach and frequency across different channels and devices will be more challenging. 

Myths busted. Future ready.

You must prepare for an ID-less world across all your channel types, and choosing the right partners ensures your business is ready to tackle tomorrow’s complicated landscape. Let's connect today to ensure you’re prepared to thrive in the coming identity-constrained world.

1-2  Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

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