January 11, 2023

CES 2023: 5 trends from this year’s show advertisers need to leverage

While consumer goods made the headlines at CES, marketers should pay close attention to trends that can impact their business. Here are five trends to keep your eyes on.

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CES was back in-person after two years, and we were thrilled to walk the halls, even if our legs were a bit out of practice. While consumer goods, from TVs to electric vehicles, made the headlines, marketers should pay close attention to these trends coming out of the show. Here are five trends everyone in the ad world should keep their eyes on to stay ahead of change and some ideas for incorporating them into your strategies this year.

1. What’s good for the world is good for business

Inspired by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security, CES 2023’s theme, Human Security for All, was an opportunity for companies to show how they’re addressing humanity’s most pressing problems like healthcare, climate change and closing the digital divide. Many tech companies shared their net zero plans, with SK Group showing attendees how unliveable our planet will be by 2100 if we don’t take action today.

Takeaways for advertisers: Culturally and generationally, brands with a conscience are more important to consumers than ever. Demonstrating social responsibility is long past being a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for modern brands. From sustainability to inclusion, consumers want to know brands are committed to building a better and safer world – and they want to know precisely what actions your brand is taking to do so. We’re helping advertisers lower their carbon footprint by partnering with Scope3 to offer carbon-neutral private marketplace media in our SSP. Advertisers can now ensure their digital ad campaigns align with the broader sustainability goals.

2. Technology that plays nice with each other

We’re seeing more and more technology partners working better together to scale a connected world. Companies are focusing on interoperability that breaks down technology barriers preventing brands from working together seamlessly. Let’s say you want your voice assistant to adjust your home temperature or appliances from your connected car. Or you want to access your favorite content and services from any of your connected devices. This will soon become routine for you and your interconnected devices. We saw a great example of this high-level activation in the Samsung SmartThings Station. Built on the new Matter smart home standard, consumers can now enjoy quick and easy set up and devices that function together effortlessly.

Takeaways for advertisers: As consumers' lives become increasingly more connected, they’ll turn to technology even more to simplify their day-to-day world. Brands that make life easier through integrated technology, delivering seamless, uninterrupted experiences, will spark joy and win loyalty. Advertisers can learn from these changing consumer behaviors as more technology weaves into users’ daily lives. These insights will help inform product and marketing decisions.

3. The metaverse is expanding

The metaverse is in its infancy and full of limitless possibilities. It had a dedicated section at CES this year, with multiple players showcasing a range of immersive experiences. Everything from Microsoft sharing what could be the future of car shopping to Magic Leap demonstrating advanced mixed-reality headset experiences. Ultraleap showed off the world’s most advanced hand-tracking and mid-air haptics, enabling users to feel what they see. LG added to the future of commerce with their non-fungible token (NFT) wallet that lets you buy and sell digital collectibles through your LG smart TV

Takeaways for advertisers: The metaverse world doesn't match the vision – yet. However, there is an opportunity for advertisers to experiment now while imagining what the metaverse could look like in the future. Brands can start playing in the metaverse world by testing and discovering opportunities for strong product and audience alignments. Additionally, brands can explore how to engage and converge their virtual and online strategies to create unique experiences that excite consumers.

4. Elevated on-the-go experiences

CES has increasingly become home to the future of transportation. Connected mobility took center stage, showcasing the future of travel and enterprise experiences across land, sea and air. Standouts from this year’s show included electric cars and trucks, like the RAM 1500 BEV Revolution, autonomous commercial vehicles from Caterpillar, electric vehicles from John Deere, boats and eco-friendly ships that are part of HD Hyundai’s Ocean Transformation vision and electric airplanes taking off from the expanded Stellantis + Archer Aircraft partnership. 

Takeaways for advertisers: Advanced autonomous and environmentally-friendly transportation at global scale promises to include new ways for people to stay connected with family and friends, entertained, working and shopping as they move from point A to point B. While we can’t predict who will be the next great transportation disrupter, we can expect the skies, seas and highways will evolve to include more ways of connecting consumers across every mile.

5. Complex tech for a simpler life

Technology is best when it becomes invisible and solves problems by making things easier and simpler. Imagine having a fruit scanner at home that tells you how ripe your avocados are, reducing food waste. Or a facial recognition system that makes event entry and travel smoother. South Korea’s Incheon Airport, the first airport to participate at CES, shared how they’ll soon be using facial recognition and augmented reality (AR) so travelers can enjoy a personalized experience across parking, baggage check-in and boarding gate access at the airport.

Takeaways for advertisers: As technology advances, it opens up more meaningful opportunities to connect with people and serve our customers in powerful, personal and seamless ways. There is an opportunity to lean in and learn from ever-changing consumer behaviors while also upholding consumer privacy and demonstrating the value exchange as the use of biometric data increases.

The innovative future ahead

While these technologies are exciting for users, they’re equally thrilling for advertisers as they open the door to making better, more meaningful consumer engagements. Let’s connect to chat about how we can help you leverage the latest tech to connect with today’s audiences – and tomorrow’s.

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