March 30, 2022

Luxury Reimagined: Understanding today's new luxury shopper

Today's luxury shoppers are not who you think they are. Check out our latest insights into this highly engaged group and learn how to connect your brand to the shoppers of today.

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Like most other categories, Luxury goods saw a global decline of 13% in 2020. But some experts predicted a rebound (i).

And luckily for Luxury fans everywhere, they were right.

Two years later, leading Luxury goods companies are reporting growth rates well ahead of those seen pre-pandemic. In fact, they’ve doubled YoY1, with massive increases predicted for 2023 and beyond2.

With shoppers rushing to get out and spend, is it any wonder that digital advertising spend in the Style, Fashion and Beauty category increased a staggering 79% in December 20213?

But today’s Luxury shopper may not be who you think. Skip the old images of posh trust funders trundling down Bond Street. These days, 35% of Luxury shoppers are male–increasingly younger males4 —and far more likely to buy from their favourite brands on the resale market.

Yes, we said resale. In a time when consumers are conscious of the cost of living, even brands like Gucci and Valentino are going second-hand, with “verified” storefronts through resellers like eBay and The Real Real.

And beyond seeking value, today’s young Luxury shopper seeks brands with values—like sustainability, ethical sourcing and a lower carbon footprint. In fact, 43% of Europeans aged 18-34 plan to buy more second-hand items and explore Luxury rental options in the next 12 months5.

In seeking young Luxury shoppers, brands are turning to digital channels, with brands running virtual fashion shows and activating within gaming spaces. At Yahoo, we’ve been speaking to these digital-first shoppers through interactive campaigns like “ELECTRIC/CITY”, a unique merging of brands and voices like Charli Cohen, Selfridges & Co and Pokémon.

For a closer look browse our latest PDF, “Luxury Reimagined” and get in touch to discuss how Yahoo can connect your brand to today's Luxury shopper.

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