September 20, 2019

Expanding our DOOH to the Yahoo DSP

Buy DOOH inventory seamlessly through our DSP, with access to over 150 screen owners.

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With digital billboards and screens popping up in places like airports, doctor’s offices, bus shelters, and shopping centers, marketers have greater opportunities to reach consumers outside the home and in the moment. DOOH advertising is growing in popularity, with a global ad revenue forecast to reach $7B this year1, a 17% increase over last year. DOOH is also proving to be a highly effective ad format, thanks to its high-impact, unblockable ads that reach audiences on-the-go with location and real-world context.

Premium supply, available programmatically

Until recently, advertisers would typically negotiate with individual screen holders to buy DOOH ads. Earlier this year, we made high-quality DOOH supply available programmatically through the DSP. We’re building on our DOOH offerings through expanded partnerships with leading SSPs to give you unparalleled access to large format and place-based DOOH screens from over 150 screen owners with more than 90 different venue types to choose from. Find premium supply from leading providers like ClearChannel, Zoom Media, Captivate, and Lamar. Our recent integration with Vistar Media opens up new opportunities in the U.S.  

Reach your audience by packaging Deal IDs using the following targeting options:  

  • Location (City, DMA, Zip Code, Proximity to POI, Venue, Chain)
  • Demo (Gender, Age, Household Income)
  • Location interest-based (i.e. target those with business travel interests by reaching users in airports and taxicabs)

Creative solutions for screens of all sizes

DOOH can run the gamut from a place-based screen in a doctor’s waiting room to large-format, premium inventory in Times Square. Meeting the specs for the differing screen sizes might seem daunting, but we're here to help. Our ACT team provides creative services at no added cost to our DOOH advertisers. We’ll partner with you to design and create assets based on your direction or resize your existing assets to showcase your brand for all DOOH screens.

We also offer dynamic creative optimization that selects the optimal creative on the fly depending on real-time context and triggers. We’ll serve up the right creative based on details such as location (for city-specific messaging) or current weather conditions.

Easy to plan, easy to buy

Yahoo is excited to introduce our DOOH Campaign Planner tool, making it easier for you to plan and visualize campaigns in our DSP interface. This advanced planning tool lets you enter targeting criteria to view a map of available DOOH screens - even down to the street level.

You simply set your targeting criteria, choose your desired DOOH screens, and submit your plan for review. Our supply team will notify you when the plan is approved with a Deal ID. Buying DOOH advertising has never been easier.

1 MAGNA Advertising Forecasts, Summer 2019 Update
2 Edison Research, Onsite Insights, Feb. 2019

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