September 28, 2023

Four ways to sleigh your holiday TV campaigns

The Holidays offer an opportune time to utilize the flexibility of scatter buys to ensure holiday campaign success. Check out our blog and learn how you can unwrap the opportunity!

Ashley Zemel

Director, Advanced TV Sales & Strategy, Yahoo Advertising

As sun-seekers mourn the end of summer and others 'bear-ly' survive their adventures, TV advertisers are gripped by a different kind of suspense. All summer, an intrusive thought has plagued advertisers — it started as a whisper and grew into a deafening roar: “The Holidays are coming.” The festive season turns advertising into a fierce competition for viewers' attention; and with this year's lighter upfronts and the WGA strikes, campaign planning has been tougher than ever.

Now that fall is here, the pressure is palpable. While many have already secured their prime slots with programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals during the Upfronts, this is the ideal time to utilize the flexibility of scatter buys to ensure holiday success. It’s time to unbox the gift of Private Marketplace (PMP) deals to maximize reach and ensure your January isn’t spent explaining end-of-year underdelivery.

The gifts of PMPs

As we saw in the last blog post, the TV world is converging, and PMPs are an integral part of that process. These curated marketplaces offer a golden opportunity to expand or attain incremental household reach, especially when you need that extra push to connect with audiences who have holiday shopping on their minds. PMPs shine brightly with three main advantages, with one and two being control over frequency and precise targeting. The third is arguably the most tangible for buyers: flexibility. Between closing out end-of-year budgets, increased competition for supply and scale, and the collective head-scratcher that is the global economy, buy-side flexibility is critical.

Why PMPs belong on your holiday list. 1. Buying efficiency: Target the right audiences with holistic viewership data. 2. Customer-first: Enhance the viewer experience with frequency control. 3. Pivot!: Adapt swiftly to market shifts with flexible buying options

Unlike programmatic guaranteed deals, where advertisers struggle to control frequency across publishers and TV ads risk redundancy, PMPs give advertisers the reins to ensure their message hits home without overwhelming or alienating their audience. This curated approach not only offers cost efficiencies but also becomes even more vital during the holiday season when consumers are bombarded with TV commercials. By utilizing PMPs, advertisers can control for optimal frequency and layer viewership data so their campaigns are relevant and stand out amongst the clutter.

Four ways to sleigh your holiday TV campaigns 

With the Yahoo DSP, we offer powerful tools and an expert squad so that your PMP buys sleigh this holiday season. Here are four ways we can help:

  1. Realize the cost efficiencies and reach opportunities of incremental households with the overlap between PG and PMP feature within Yahoo’s Unified TV Report.
  2. Understand holistic frequency across channels and frequency cap cost savings.
  3. Leverage Yahoo’s access to vetted TV data to suppress or target audiences exposed to Upfront TV and PG buys to ensure PMPs are reaching incremental audiences. 
  4. Get VIP direct access to premium and curated TV publishers with Yahoo Backstage.

Glow up your holiday campaigns this season! Take advantage of PMPs for your scatter buys and unbox the power of a more flexible approach to maximize reach, control, and engagement to captivate your target audiences.

To unwrap these opportunities, or for more holiday-related puns, reach out to your Yahoo account team.


About Ashley Zemel

Ashley Zemel is the Director of Advanced TV Sales and Strategy on the West Coast. With over a decade of adtech expertise, her strength lies in crafting strategic partnerships with top-tier brands and agencies, driving the development and execution of unified, holistic video strategies.

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