November 17, 2022

Why digital out-of-home is integral to your marketing strategy

Digital Out of Home is one of the fastest growing and evolving advertising channels—and it’s changing how brands connect to consumers, expanding creativity and improving ROI.

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Out of Home advertising is synonymous with big and bold creative displays at cost effective CPMs. Its main challenge has been providing measurable ROI similar to digital advertising channels, establishing the perception that Out of Home is solely an upper funnel channel for brand awareness. 

However, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) delivers full funnel activation and measurement, whilst reaching incremental audiences at scale. In fact, 91% of advertisers believe DOOH can deliver both upper and lower funnel metrics1 as it allows further measurement opportunities outside of monetary ROI like website and store traffic. Plus, it can increase social engagement through the use of hashtags and increased brand recall and awareness. 

Consumer trends are also forcing brands to include DOOH in  their marketing strategies because it’s seen as a more trustworthy medium compared to social (22% to 15%, respectively)2. Consumers find DOOH informational and entertaining while being brand safe and fraud free, giving a positive way for brands to engage with consumers compared with other digital channels. 

With all that said, brands and marketers still need to learn how they can navigate complex and time-consuming planning and activation, so they can take full advantage of the medium. We know that 54% of marketers find DOOH buying difficult3, so a single platform to automate planning and buying makes the process easier and quicker. 

Through our integrations with leading industry SSPs such as VIOOH, Vistar, Hivestack, Place Exchange, Broadsign, Magnite, Yahoo DSP enables buying of digital screens through open auction, private marketplaces and programmatic guaranteed – all familiar buying methods of programmatic activation – giving full control and flexibility over your campaign.

Whilst consumer behaviours continue to drive the DOOH evolution, there is also an opportunity to bridge consumers’ real world and digital experiences. In fact, 65% of viewers engage in other actions after seeing a digital billboard ad4, so today’s technology allows for more accurate targeting. 

With the ability to target consumers based on their behaviours through audience indexing at screen level, digital screens can provide sequential messaging alongside other digital channels. They can also retarget users on their digital devices based on screen exposure, or other creative methods to encourage engagement, such as QR codes and social hashtags. This alongside the ability to measure the influence of screen exposure to store visitation - all provide a cohesive and singular means to run multi-channel activations easier and more efficiently than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to your local Yahoo sales rep or contact us to learn how you can activate digital out-of-home today.


1, 3, 4 Yahoo, Infographic: "Step outside with us: Key trends driving DOOH growth in 2021." September 2020

2 Sightline, Kantar, August 2022

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