February 23, 2023

Yahoo Brings AR to the All-New Toyota Crown

Yahoo and Toyota are building excitement for the all-new 2023 Toyota Crown, with a multi-level campaign strategy to inform, engage, and excite consumers with an immersive & innovative digital experience.

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The automotive industry has seen a major shift in recent years, with 80% of car shoppers now open to purchasing a vehicle online. 

To address this opportunity and build excitement for the all-new 2023 Toyota Crown, the company wanted to leverage the power of technology, partnering with Yahoo to create an immersive and innovative digital experience. For Toyota’s “Says So Much” Crown campaign, Yahoo and Toyota collaborated to develop a multi-level campaign strategy to inform, engage, and excite consumers about the new premium sedan. 

Reaching Consumers in a Fresh Way

Augmented Reality (AR) is a fitting solution for Toyota to reach modern car shoppers and provide them with an interactive experience featuring the all-new Toyota Crown. The AR experience allows users to explore the car from the outside in, take a 360-degree walk around the vehicle, sit in the driver's seat, and even virtually drive the vehicle, all from the comfort of their own garage or driveway. The experience also includes educational hotspots to provide shoppers with deeper insights into the Toyota Crown's features.

“Toyota’s partnership with Yahoo is an exciting auto-first opportunity, showcasing our all-new 2023 Toyota Crown in an AR experience,” said Angie White, Senior Manager, Media, Toyota Motor North America. “Identifying innovative ways to bring our Digital marketing to life plays a crucial role in our campaign strategies, especially when introducing this new sedan. The Yahoo AR partnership, helps drivers discover the Toyota Crown in a meaningful and interactive way.”

In addition to the AR experience, Yahoo helps Toyota reach future Toyota Crown customers through additional digital touchpoints including Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, banner displays, and leveraged Connected TV (CTV) pre-roll to reach consumers in their homes. 

Garnering Key Customer Insight

Through this campaign, Yahoo is able to share consumer insights, such as top color choices and features of interest with Toyota. By providing a new level of interaction for car shoppers, the Toyota Crown Awareness Campaign successfully integrates brand messaging, and individual customization to provide car shoppers with an exciting and memorable digital experience. 

The Toyota Crown Awareness Campaign, powered by Yahoo's innovative technology and digital expertise, allows the car manufacturer to reach consumers in a fresh, exciting way. With this innovative campaign, Toyota is paving the way for future car shopping experiences and showcasing the power of technology in the automotive industry.

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