March 23, 2022

Yahoo Presents the Initiation: A Charli Cohen X RSTLSS Collection For Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week

As part of Metaverse Fashion Week, we are launching our own venue space in Decentraland, where it will also allow us to open the door to future brand collaborations using our venue as a canvas.

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From 24-27 March, the first "Metaverse Fashion Week" (MVFW) comes to Decentraland, bringing catwalk shows and showcases, pop up shops, after parties, and immersive experiences from many different brands, agencies, designers and more - from the biggest names to up and coming, future stars of the fashion world.

Selfridges, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Guo Pei, Etro, Jacob & Co, Vogue Arabia, Dundas, Paco Rabanne, Hogan, FEWOCiOUS, The Fabricant, and others lead an all-star roster of digital catwalks into the next generation of fashion, what Decentraland is calling the “Metaversal Age”.

And as part of our ongoing innovations in XR and next-generation immersive, interactive content experiences, Yahoo is getting involved. As part of MVFW, we are launching our own venue space in Decentraland, where it will also allow us to open the door to future brand collaborations using our venue as a canvas.

At launch, our venue will host The Initiation: a Charli Cohen x RSTLSS collection for Metaverse Fashion Week bringing our Electric/City immersive shopping environment into Decentraland for the first time, with our partner and digital fashion pioneer Charli Cohen.

Visitors will be able to explore a mysterious alien artifact that has crashed in Electric/City DCL, spawning the latest limited edition RSTLSS wearables. Afterwards they can teleport onto our roof top for a live coded set by artist & producer DJ_Dave, visit a sports bar, peruse a gallery of digital fine art from the Black Art. Black Stories. Black Voices. project and even purchase NFT art as well as NFT wearables from the Charli Cohen collection that can be bought and worn within Decentraland.

This project is just the latest demonstration of Yahoo’s leading position as the industry, and the world, shifts to 3D, immersive and interactive content. Recently, Yahoo also brought a new layer of digital innovation in fashion specifically focusing on Gen Z audiences, to New York Fashion Week. Yahoo’s recent immersive experiences  have focused on digital experiences that speak to the next generation who are highly curious about the metaverse.

The combination of our XR Studio production teams in London (as well as the US), allowing for superior quality three-dimensional content production without the need for blockbuster-movie budgets, our Creative Technology expertise, as well as our industry-leading content and distribution technology platforms allows us to help our customers create, manage and scale campaigns from augmented reality (AR) ads at scale on the open web to building bespoke 3D environments to showcase their brands within virtual worlds like Decentraland.

From motion capture, to XR Stage broadcasting, our studio teams can bring a range of 3D content assets to life and develop them for use across any digital environment - from 2D video broadcast and ads, to interactive augmented and virtual reality environments and everything in between.

Within Decentraland itself, our Electric/City DCL virtual environment is entirely customisable on our parcel of land and able to be adapted to work with any brands that are looking to find a way to connect with a young, forward-thinking audience that are hungry to try new experiences within these virtual spaces. We can change the look, feel and construction either minimally or entirely depending on needs, as well as create the 3D assets to live within the space and amplify across our content and technology ecosystem and beyond.

Our industry-leading technology is helping to reimagine the journey for consumers, partners and customers by immersing audiences in the things they love, deepening that connection and showcasing what’s possible. Check out just a few of our other projects that have used 3D content in a range of different ways, from our custom AR experience for Pringles, to our 3D interactive content and AR experience for My John Lewis customers as part of its Christmas ad campaign for “The Unexpected Guest."

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