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Big impact on the small screen

When it comes to mobile marketing, impact matters. Our interactive and attention-grabbing mobile formats run within trusted app environments and alongside premium editorial content, driving new app installs, audience re-engagement, or post-install actions. Go small for big results.

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Interactive formats

Our formats are purpose-built for vertical executions and intuitively designed for mobile-specific behaviors like swiping, scrolling and screen rotation. As well as shopping, clicking and sharing.

Identity solutions

Our proprietary solutions help you reach the right audience with or without mobile identifiers to ensure you achieve your campaign objectives. Know more now.

SKAdNetwork support

SKAdNetwork is directly integrated with Yahoo DSP, providing measurement and attribution insights for iOS inventory. We make measuring the success of your ad campaign as easy as installing an app.

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mobile ads for retailers

Our mobile commerce experiences bring value and utility to customers, reaching them at their highest point of engagement – when they’re actively looking for deals and coupons. Put these ads in your shopping cart now.

Commerce solutions

1.5 trillion

Monthly in-app events.1

1 Yahoo, Internal data, 2021


U.S. mobile users reached with Yahoo and Microsoft.2

2 Comscore, Key Measures, Yahoo (+MSN Partnership), July 2022


Highly scaled and accurate audience segments.3

3 Yahoo, Internal data, 2022

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Unlock the potential of your app campaigns

Through connections with all major mobile measurement partners (MMP), including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava and Singular, you can seamlessly work with Yahoo and the MMP of your choice. Learn how to easily compare campaign effectiveness across channels and creatives to improve ROAS.

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