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Solutions for growth in a changing world

Unlock an integrated approach to identity with ID-based and ID-less solutions for a cookieless world, and beyond.

Persistent identity built on real relationships

From search to shopping receipts, we see more than 200B cross-screen user intent signals every day. Our direct consumer relationships across owned and operated sites like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance allow us to build comprehensive identity-based user profiles.

Key Differentiators

1-to-1 relationships

A loyal user-base of over 335M consenting users through Yahoo media properties.2 

2 Yahoo, Internal data, 2023.

Diverse data

Connect cross-screen, through the power of over 200 billion daily data signals.3  

3 Yahoo, Internal data, 2023.

Privacy first

Consumer choice and privacy is at the core of what we do.

A complementary approach to identity

Reach your audiences across all environments with a holistic identity solution that’s designed for the future. 

yahoo ConnectID

A unified identity solution for a cookieless future

Yahoo ConnectID uses consent-based, first-party data to bring audiences to life in a world without cookies. Reach your audience with meaningful and relevant ad experiences, while respecting consumer choice and privacy.

Yahoo ConnectID
Next-Gen solutions

Cohort-based approach for the ID-less era

When identity isn't available, our Next-Gen Solutions leverage machine learning and billions of real-time signals to infer high-quality audiences.

Next-Gen Solutions

Are you prepared for an identity-constrained future?

The digital landscape is changing to increase consumer privacy and data control. From global legislation to technology changes, we cover the shifting privacy landscape and how an integrated identity approach is essential for growth in a changing world.

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