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Optimization tools

Supercharged performance. Minimal effort.

Our machine learning algorithms optimize towards the best campaign parameters for you.
So you can sit back and watch the conversions roll in.

Balls on a track

Tap into decades of ML-powered ad optimization

Machine learning is the backbone of our performance-centric platform. Our machine learning tech, AdLearn, optimizes every major component of your campaign – from budget and delivery management to supply optimization, targeting and, ultimately, ROI.

500 billion

Daily bid calls.*

*Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

1 million

Impression opportunities evaluated per second.*

*Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

20+ years

AdLearn's machine learning experience.*

*Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

Transparent reporting that reveals all

Reveal meaningful insights and evaluate campaigns with our transparent reporting tools. Build custom detailed reports or use pre-designed templates to drill down into dimensions and metrics when campaigns are in-flight and after.


Omniscope can be used to optimize or plan impressions mid-campaign by comparing how changing targeting parameters can affect scale, Predicted Achieve spend and Predicted Winnable impressions.

Alerts and notifications

Don’t be left in the dark. Get alerts or recommendations about your lines and creatives directly in the DSP. Know which lines aren’t spending, where you can take on additional budget, how to improve bidding strategy and performance, and more.

Bidding Report

The Bidding Report lets you compare your campaign performance against available supply so you can make strategic decisions about bidding and budgeting.

Inventory prioritization

Easily funnel spend to preferred deals and exchanges in your desired order. All you have to do is define them in a hierarchy of buckets that spend in a waterfall-like fashion based on budgets and performance. Inventory prioritization ensures performance is maintained while prioritizing your choice of inventory.

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