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Targetting tools

find the people who will love your brand

Our DSP is packed with targeting tools to find your people across any screen.


smart ad targeting.
made simple.

Our curated audience segments are built using proprietary data, making it easy to target by behavior, interests, life stage, search, and many other categories. You set the rules, we’ll find your best customers.


Highly scaled and accurate audience segments.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2023.

4 trillion

Monthly data points.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2023.

625 million

Unique users.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2023.

Find more people like your biggest fans

Our modeling solutions leverage insights from 625M unique users to help you find incremental converters across the customer journey. Target, retarget, convert, scale – we’re here every step of the way.

Audience builder

Build people-based or contextual data segments from unique Yahoo assets, third-party data and your first-party data. Mix and match data to ensure you’re targeting or re-engaging the right audience. Better audiences. Better performance.

Standard audiences

We offer over 450 highly scaled and accurate audience segments based on anonymized content consumption and interests data generated across Yahoo properties. There’s nothing standard about this feature.

Custom audiences

Our proprietary consented data offers an abundance of robust targeting options. From audiences that maximize reach like lookalike modeling, to getting specific with demographic audiences, whatever your objective, we can help you find the right people.

Predictive audiences

Predictive audiences leverage deep learning to analyze over a million attributes in an audience seed and categorize users according to their probability to convert. This helps you hit more lower-funnel, performance-based KPIs. And look forward to a brighter future.

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