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Measurement tools

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Get valuable insights in-flight and post-campaign in one centralized platform to drive more efficient, effective campaigns.

Connect the dots with identity 

Connect consumer touchpoints to outcomes with our proprietary identity solutions. We use robust, deterministic data from one-to-one consumer relationships to provide accurate, deduplicated results across any channel – no cookie needed. Welcome to results as powerful as your audiences.

Identity solutions


Highly scaled and accurate audience segments.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

2 billion

Daily cross-screen signals.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

540 million

Unique users.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

proprietary measurement tools

Our proprietary measurement tools and experts uncover actionable insights based on exclusive data you can’t get anywhere else. From lift studies to multi-touch attribution to frequency analysis, we’ve got the solutions to measure and validate the impact of your omnichannel investments.

In-Flight Sales Analysis

Yahoo In-Flight Sales Analysis works with leading data providers to tie your campaigns to actions that matter most: online and in-store sales in near real time. Find the best audience, adjust creative and change supply targeting across any channel while campaigns are in flight.

Path to conversion

Go beyond last-touch measurement strategies to finally see the entire customer journey. This report shows you the sequence of ads that drove the most efficiency based on converters and reach so that you can make better decisions.

Trust and verification 

Our digital ad fraud avoidance solution, TalonPro is always on to protect your business. You’re also welcome to work with a third-party provider to verify that your campaigns align with your unique values and brand standards.

Third-party measurement

We collaborate with leading measurement partners to offer upper-funnel solutions like brand lift, reach and frequency, along with lower-funnel solutions like sales lift, store visits, and everything in between.

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