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Planning tools

Forecast. Plan. Strategize. Grow.

Our DSP is packed with planning tools to set your campaigns up for success, right from the get-go.

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It all starts with people

Get to know your audiences better than ever with our people-centric planning tools. Tap into exclusive consent-based Yahoo data to truly understand your consumer across commerce, travel, content, and more. Because better knowledge leads to better performance.


Highly scaled and accurate audience segments.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

4 trillion

Monthly data points.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

540 million

Yahoo user profiles.1

1Yahoo, Internal data, 2022.

Your road to growth starts here

Our DSP tools help you find the most efficient path to your audience across media types, ad formats, domains, and more. Forecast impressions, predicted spend pre-campaign, or compare different targeting parameters to make more informed decisions.

Cross-screen planner

Discover the overlap between linear TV and CTV users and the incremental reach opportunity. Understand all TV screens all the time.

DOOH planner

Find the right screens to reach your audience, using filters such as location, screen type, SSP, and more. Your consumers are out there, you should be too.

Omniscope for planning

Get complete supply path transparency and actionable insights on avails, CPM pricing, targeting, and more. It’s our version of a crystal ball.

Audience Insights

Our people-based tool helps you visualize and compare insights across geos, segments, behaviors and demographics. Better vision leads to a better return on reach.

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